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Support for Members, Families, Businesses and the Community

Fresno – March 19, 2018 – American Labor Alliance is currently taking in new members and they are growing fast. The organization is a national labor association that supports the development of safe working environments and fair wages for all employees, while maintaining the free flow of labor and capital for members and member companies.

As an exclusive representative for members to their employers, they negotiate through a Collective Bargaining Agreement that cover terms regarding wages, hours, working conditions and employee benefits. Employee benefits offered to members include healthcare, retirement, and workers’ compensation. The Collective Bargaining Agreement also provides terms for the Grievance Procedure made available to members.

As a labor association member American Labor Alliance, they provide representation in labor disputes at the members workplace. They are member advocates and facilitate the right for members to notify ALA and initiate the Grievance Procedure. As part of this process, a designated Representative meets with the employer to discuss potential resolutions any disputes. This process is a way to resolve issues in a fast and sufficient manner while improving the relationship between association members and their employer.

The group supports the welfare of people in varied industries and has many services for helping members manage financial concerns as well as helping member companies comply with safety compliance and employee health issues. The members find the benefits available to very helpful in getting the most out of their work.  And member companies find their approach not only saves money, but also stretches resources, which is so important to so many of todays businesses.

American Labor Alliance, representing its members these CBA’s to employers, which also become members, as part of the agreement. The association offers support on many levels for member companies.  Managing payroll, providing a Workers Compensation Benefit that meets statutory requirements, employee assistance programs, incorporation assistance information, various reporting functions, health benefit options, and so much more. The workers compensation program uniquely includes an annual physical benefit and immunization services.

Mediation and arbitration services are among the methods used to help ensure quick and fair resolution to all members.  American Labor Alliance is not your grandparents labor association.  This is an example of a cutting edge, revolutionary approach to organizing labor to meet capital requirements to find a win-win.

Ethics and compliance training services are also available through the association. These may be provided to businesses to educate workers and managerial staff on proper safety measures, strategies and tactics for ensuring that people in the workplace are kept safe and reducing risk of harm.

All members are enrolled in a members only special savings program. The group offers activity discounts on many things including dining, retail purchases, movie theatres, car care, vitamins, pet care products, sports club membership, theme parks, vacation, travel services, the list is almost endless. The discounts are varied and will provide people with many special benefits that will help them to get the biggest bang for the buck.

The annual membership fee for entering the American Labor Alliance is very affordable. Individuals can pay $25 to enter into the organization every year. A business can get in for $99 per year, which may cover the cost of their entire population of employees, which become labor association members.

Additional information on what the American Labor Alliance has to offer can be found online at The site includes details on the benefits members can utilize and how to sign up to take advantage of those benefits.

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