SimpliProtected, Safe Wireless Router for Kids, Launches Advanced New Version

Protecting kids from online harm is a top priority for today’s parents. SimpliProtected, the maker of filtered wireless routers for kids, has released a major update with crucial new features. The new features include: a real-time log of blocked websites, customized filtering that allows parents to control categories and specific websites to be blocked, and the ability to quickly view every device that is on the network.

SimpliProtected provides a simple and easy wireless router solution for protecting kids online. SimpliProtected’s router creates a separate internet channel equipped with filtering and safety features for kids. The independent, filtered channel gives parents peace of mind while allowing kids to freely explore the internet without access to harmful websites and audio-visual content.

The new SimpliProtected Version 1.5 is more powerful and advanced than its previous versions. Its new website filtering technology allows customizing which categories of sites are blocked along with blocking individual sites. This new feature works on top of the existing filters that track and block harmful and inappropriate websites automatically.

“There was a need to offer custom filters from day one,” says Steve Spain, Marketing Director of Simpliprotected. “We’re excited that we can now offer this feature to allow parents to endlessly customize their individual device. In the end, it’s all about making sure the device is effective in creating a safe internet environment for every family. Each family has different filtering needs, and now not only can parents disable access to categories like news sites or social media, but they can also block specific sites like or”

SimpliProtected Version 1.5 also incorporates two additional new safety features. The first one is an easy-to-monitor log of the last 100 sites that were blocked by the network. The log provides information on what site was blocked, which device attempted to access it, the severity of the site, and a time stamp.  

“This feature compliments our filter customization perfectly,” says Spain. “By allowing parents to see what’s being blocked, they can get a better view into their children’s internet habits and use that information to take control of their home internet.”

The second new feature allows parents to monitor which devices are connected to the SimpliProtected network. With increased visibility, parents can ensure that all devices at home are connected and under the protective umbrella that the network provides. All features are built into the easy-to-use SimpliProtected app available from the Apple App Store or through Google Play.

About SimpliProtected

Founded by concerned parents, SimpliProtected enables kids to use the Internet as a powerful tool for learning, without parents having to worry about distractions from social media or inappropriate content. SimpliProtected combines easy to install hardware with 24/7, always-on technology to create a worry-free Wi-Fi network in the home. SimpliProtected is a startup, founded in 2016 and based out of New Hampshire, USA.

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