Premium Compartments releases a new product – The Inspire Desk Organizer on Amazon

Leading office products manufacturer, Premium Compartments, announces the release of The Inspire, a Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer with 16 Polished Acrylic Divider Panels

Premium Compartments is an Australia-based manufacturer of office products. The company recently announced the launch of its new product, the Inspire Desk Organizer, designed to help workers and other such users stay organized and create a more effective workspace.

It can be sometimes difficult to stay organized and put everything in their proper place especially when there are lots of files and folders to work with. This often leads to ineffectiveness and consequent loss of productive time. However, Premium Compartments is making workers more effective and organized with the launch of the Inspire Desk Organizer, allowing them to achieve more in little time.

The Inspire Desk Organizer is an all-in-one organizer that includes 1 bamboo base and 16 clear acrylic divider panels in a range of sizes, allowing users to organize everything from large folders to small pens and pencils.

Weighing just 5.15 pounds, the organizer is highly adaptable with easily adjustable panels that allow users to quickly find an effective configuration that perfectly suits their specific work needs. The organizers multi-functionality that makes it possible to innovatively convert it into an ergonomic laptop stand by inserting two of the small panels into the underside is another unique feature of the organizer. The grid slots also provide efficient and beneficial airflow cooling to the laptop.

The Inspire is manufactured from the best quality materials using high precision CNC machining techniques. Therefore, it is not surprising that it comes with a lifetime guarantee for buyers and other such users.

The Inspire Desk Organizer is designed to create a more effective workspace that allows users to think more clearly, be more creative and ultimately achieve more.

The Inspire Desk Organizer is currently available on Amazon for as low as $69.99.

More information about the organizer and other such quality and innovative products from Premium Compartments can be found on the website.

About Premium Compartments

Premium Compartments is an office products manufacturer headquartered in Australia. Founded by Karl Mujic, the company was established to help workers achieve more and enhance the quality of their delivery by providing innovative products to address the several challenges of workers especially as it concerns their workspace.

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