The Fares brothers changing the women fashion industry one garment at a time with NOBASIC

Hong Kong-based clothing company, NOBASIC, offering women across the globe the best of comfort and creativity with a wide range of sophisticated garments

The NOBASIC is the extraordinary fashion life that every woman desires and deserves. The conception of NOBASIC started over ten years ago when two brothers – Alex Fares and Josi Fares – began crafting extraordinarily sophisticated garments in Hong Kong.  Their desire of wanting to merge a woman’s taste for finer style and her innate yearning for empowerment through fashion became the reason for creating NOBASIC – a clothing line for dynamic women who appreciate intricate details and elevated refinement.

Known for being a 100% vertically integrated company, NOBASIC creates everything in-house from ideation of clothing concepts to the entire production process to marketing the products and consequently satisfying all possible consumers through an innovative wholesale platform and direct online retail selling.

The groundbreaking vertical integration also paved the way for the brand to minimize environmental impact, making NOBASIC a conscious modern company that has a personal commitment to the environment. Indeed, NOBASIC uses fashion as a tool to forge change in both women and the world as a whole.

NOBASIC made huge impacts in the world of fashion in the last quarter of 2017, and it has continued the first few months of 2018 with similar momentum. The success of partaking in Las Vegas WWDMagic described as the largest selection of women’s apparel and accessories of latest, most-wanted, and hottest emerging designers brought about monumental awareness to the brand.

NOBASIC also had a huge presence in Tranoi Paris, an artistic platform and prestigious fashion trade show held only four times a year during the Paris Fashion Week, tapping new interest and connecting with some of the most influential players in the industry. These set of trade shows would make the brand more accessible to ambitious, bold, independent, and confident women.

The New Year is looking to be even more exciting for women and NOBASIC, as the fashion brand will be launching its new season in a few weeks. Focused on three main collections, this season covers pretty much the whole day wear of a NOBASIC woman – lace and velvets for special occasions, maxis and satins for night outs, and an array of denim from day to evening wear. 

NOBASIC is continuously evolving into a mature and contemporary brand that reflects a woman’s individuality and ambition. NOBASIC has taken its first few reigning steps in providing timeless fashion pieces to women who want it, firing up curiosity in women who aspire to wear it and bringing all these desires back to its core by making all women feel self-assured while looking NOBASIC all at the same time.

More information about NOBASIC and the different collections from the brand can be found on the website as well as Facebook and Instagram.


NOBASIC is a fashion brand focused on providing women with classy, yet comfortable clothing for all occasions and seasons. Headquartered in Hong Kong, NOBASIC was founded by two brothers – Alex Fares and Josi Fares – in a bid to use fashion to merge a woman’s taste for finer style and her innate yearning for empowerment.

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