70 Year Old Songwriter Makes His Final Wish to Santa

Veteran songwriter, Roy Cooper, who has been writing songs and making music videos for over 30 years has asked Santa to give him a helping hand this year.

Singer ‘Christian Holiday’ through ‘Suited Records’ has released ‘The Magic of Christmas’ which was written by Cooper  and his co-writer Jackie Richter from the USA. The ‘Suited Records’, label was set up by Cooper in June 2014 to promote his own and his wife Helen’s vast catalog of songs.

“I know it sounds childish, to send a letter to Santa at 70 years old”, says Cooper, “but as you get older, you run out of options”. “I have asked Santa to perhaps get my song somewhere in the charts over Christmas”, he said. “Doesn’t have to No.1”, “anywhere will do”, “after all it is a Christmas song”, he added.

His song ‘The Magic of Christmas’ has a classic sound and feel that captures everything that is known and loved about this festive holiday. It balances the new Santa traditions with religious undertones in a happy and spirited way.

The tune itself  is joyous and uplifting, and with its jaunty melody, it encourages all to sing-along.

“The Magic of Christmas is also GREAT for a school performances at Christmas or a local gathering during the Christmas period.” says Cooper. “and we have made available FREE piano sheet music for just that purpose”, adding “we are pleased to share our ‘Magic’ with all of the little ones who really love to celebrate Christmas.”

‘I figure that having been well behaved for so many years”, Santa may look favorably on my Christmas wish this year” he says, “although as a child I always was a little bit naughty”, he adds, with a smile.

The Magic of Christmas can be heard and downloaded from the dedicated website that suited records set up, as well as all of the usual download sites. Itunes, Amazon, spotify – google play etc etc.

Santa may not be real to anyone who is not a child, but according to Roy Cooper, 70 year old veteran songwriter, Santa is very much alive and kicking.

A letter to Santa by veteran songwriter

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