March 21, 2018– GOFUNDME was born out of the love for humanity, Dr. Keenan Colfield a Supreme GRAND Bishop, is a passionate religious leader who wants to show a caring hand to the course of human needs as comfort in times like this when violence is the order of the day.

The rate of violence in America and around the world is constantly increasing in a very scary way, yet the power of God surpasses it all.

It is with this care for humanity that Dr. Keenan Colfield felt the need and urgent dedication to creating an app and website for anyone anywhere to send prayers for victims, families, and friends involved in the horrors that have come to eat deep into religious houses and countries alike.

He says “Prayer is always power! Prayer can change anything having such darkness. “Prayers must play a vital role in the eradication of violence in America and around the world.”

However, in Dr. Keenan Colfield quest to render a helping hand to all and sundry as far as peace is all about, he cannot handle the bulk of the funds needed to complete the projects, legal, and operational expenses to small staff all by himself.

He is calling for the support of everyone worldwide as there is no power when one broomstick stands alone, it can be broken easily but there is power in the unity of broomsticks staying together as it cannot be easily broken.

This is exactly how a plug of prayer connected to everyone works with the needed support, as this is the sole purpose of GOFUNDME.

This limitation of funds is why they are beckoning on churches, NGOs, private, public organizations and those who want to share in the pains of their neighbors suffering from this.

You can do this through donations, gifts, necessities, etc. They solicit for like-minds who have peace to advocate following this vision towards this, so the love they preach or teach could have a better melody all over the world where war is an unconscious spread of sermon that needs urgent attention, through prayer.

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