San Diego Spine Surgeon leading the pack in the field of using Robotic Technology

Oceanside, CA – Dr. Payam Moazzaz, an esteemed spine surgeon in San Diego with more than 10 years’ experience, is an expert in the revolutionary practice of robotic spine surgery. Dr. Moazzaz is a leader in this field and one of the most experienced robotic spinal surgeons in the United States.

The idea of orthopedic surgery strikes fear in the hearts—and backs—of many people, who see this surgical procedure as being invasive, painful, messy, and impactful on one’s life and long-term recovery. Yet an innovative and revolutionary procedure known as robotic surgery is transforming and evolving the orthopedic field; making the experience of back surgery easier, less painful, and more effective.

This local San Diego spine surgeon specializes in minimally invasive procedures, was among the first United States physicians to perform robotic spine surgery. He has performed more robotic spinal surgeries than any other surgeon in San Diego and the entire state of California. As of this month, Dr. Moazzaz has performed over 500 spine surgeries using this new robotic technology and is the most experienced spinal surgeon using robotics in California. Dr. Moazzaz has had visiting surgeons from the United States and internationally attend his spinal surgeries so that he can teach them what he has learned through his experience and the finer points of robotic surgery.

Robotic surgery represents the highest order of advanced, minimally invasive surgical options. By way of cutting edge imaging technology, Dr. Moazzaz can explore the spine quickly and precisely to diagnose the health issue that needs to be remedied. Then he inserts miniature surgical instruments through small incisions by way of robotic arms; permitting him a revolutionary range of motion and precision. A high-definition, three-dimensional camera guides and directs him as he navigates the surgical procedure by way of a high-tech monitor and console; supplying an unparalleled and literal inside view of the patient’s back.

Through the technological magic of robotic surgery, Moazzaz can perform spinal fusion, scoliosis surgery, discectomy, sciatica surgery, spinal trauma surgery, surgeries to treat complex spine disorders and spinal instability, laminectomy, etc.

Robotic spine surgery patients benefit from a procedure that involves less pain, scarring, trauma, and infection, and even a shorter recovery time than more traditional surgical methods. Aside from enjoying effective and highly specialized results, the back pain patient also will enjoy a faster and more empowered return to their daily activities; going back to work or school, resuming exercise, sports and recreational activities, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Dr. Moazzaz also specializes in noninvasive, nonsurgical modes of therapy and treatment for all varieties of back and neck pain; but if those methods prove ineffective, he will guide the patient through the gentle and effective procedure known as robotic spine surgery–ultimately setting them back on the vital path toward health and mobility.

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