Where the Rainbow ends – Fantastic dreamland stories

“Where the Rainbow ends” by Kirsten Schwörer
Kirsten Schwörer’s collection “Where the Rainbow ends” showcases some fascinating dream journey that help people to relax.

In 2015, an interesting cooperation between the author and a childcare day centre began. Kirsten Schwörer became more and more involved in spirituality, alternative methods of healing, ancient knowledge and the forces of nature after the birth of her first child. She then decided to share some of her skills with the daycare centre. On a voluntary basis, she led children aged three to six through the dream journeys presented in this book. In addition to the imaginary journeys themselves, readers will also find suggestions and helpful background information. The visualizations are designed to speak to the dreamer’s various senses and instill a sense of calmness and relaxation. While they were mainly designed with children in mind, adults are also able to enjoy the experience.

The fantastic stories in “Where the Rainbow ends” by Kirsten Schwörer include meetings with a sympatri elf, a swim session with a dolphin to visit a magical secret underwater village, and a journey to a dark old forest which suddenly turns into a glamorous cathedral. Reading or listening to the stories creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The listener or reader – child or adult – calms down, relaxes and is able to find strength and tranquility in body, soul and mind.

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