ISO 9001 China Injection Mold Company Announce Precise Injection Molding Aided with CNC Machining Services

“Large CNC machined part”
As an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturing company, KLARM provides project solutions in prototyping, machining, molding, and production to meet clients’ various requirements. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, years of experience and cutting edge services, they have become a leading global manufacturer and trusted partner. The core services to meet their project solutions include injection molding, CNC machining, product engineering and rapid prototyping among other services.

As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, KLARM provides precise plastics injection molding service with the help of computer numerical control or called CNC machining services for customers who need to make complicated and tolerant plastic or metal products. It really is easier today to create any size and shape of plastic via plastics injection molding and CNC machining.

Each time if a client need to have a plastic part made, we will do plastics injection molding first. In this process, plastic is fed right into a piece of equipment where it is heated and dissolved. It is then fed into a molding cavity where it will cool and form the needed shape in line with client descriptions. Materials including ABS, acrylic, HDPE, Polycarbonate, and PP etc. are just of the plastic materials which we can use in this rapid injection molding process.

We are experts in plastic molding injections. So we can manufacture plastics of difficult or high volume parts from a lot of engineering resins. We also offer plastic injection molding and tooling services. KLARM has a design group that can assist clients with plastic parts and mold designs they require. We have factory controls that can inspect and monitor the process of the parts along with the latest in inspection equipment. This enables us to match the closest tolerance and provide quality that is consistent.

After the molding process, these molded plastic parts already can be used in most industries, such as home applications, communication, automotive and sports businesses. To reach higher level of tolerance or enlarge its complicated functions, we will go to next process called CNC machining, including CNC milling, CNC turning, wire cutting, CNC engraving, grinding, and drilling..

CNC routing is made easier by CNC machines because the cutting and surfacing of every plastic material can be performed by a machine. This method would be extremely tough to do by hand considering that the same accuracy won’t be achieved. It would also take days, sometimes weeks, for workers to create the items manually even if the injection mold company has several people doing this.

The form for the product is initially completed by computer software and that is then processed in a computer system. A CNC machine can do the CNC routing process that will create the items. This will make the operation and production faster, and is particularly ideal for industries that require items manufactured in significant amounts in a short time. That’s why production costs can be lowered nowadays.

Customers can choose many different materials and colors for their plastic products. Selecting the color and material depends on their function. Density, flammability, hardness, and thermal conductivity are merely a few of the material properties that clients needs to take into account before having a plastic product made. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we will make sure that only the very best plastic products are created for them.

With the helps of both injection molding and CNC machining, we can create any products that client imagines. Durability, functionality and efficiency are all achieved this new technology.

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KLARM is a leading factory situated in Guangzhou, China that offers competitive injection mold making and plastic molding services for worldwide customers. Plus, we also provide wide range of manufacturing, product development, precision machining and rapid prototyping services. Assurances we offer is excellent products that give their clientele value for their money and timely completion of their work.

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