Ecopainting is Offering Customers a Hassle-free Experience

23 Mar, 2018 – Ecopainting is a Scarborough based company with a satellite office in Mississauga that offers its customers something that’s hard to find. A hassle-free experience when it comes time to repaint their home or business premises.

Most organizations will put off repainting their offices due to the inevitable disruption it causes to their staff and clients. Commercial painters are not usually noted for their discretion or ability to fade unobtrusively into the woodwork. Ecopainting, however, has built a sterling reputation for paying attention to the needs of their customers byminimizing the inconvenience of redecorating with WSIB and safety certified crews.

The company began its operations in the early ‘90s when “green” businesses catered to a niche market. As paint materials free of volatile organic products became the industry standard, Ecopainting focussed its attention on developing what has become their much lauded “nightmare-free” experience.

All of the workers at Ecopainting are on the payroll, and that in itself is unusual in a field rife with sub-contractors and casual labour. They work with property managers, interior designers, general contractors and home owners to try and see the project first and foremost through the eyes of their clients. As founder George Zarogiannis will attest, a new paint job is a complete waste of time if it doesn’t meet a maintenance or aesthetic need.

By thoroughly canvassing expectations and requirements, Ecopainting is able to assure their clients that the project will be completed with minimal interference to the usual flow of business. The consultative process that precedes all work canvasses when and how the component parts of the project should unfold. A similar approach to residential jobs gives homeowners the same peace of mind when it comes to knowing exactly who will be working in their home, and what they can expect each day.

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At heart, however, Ecopainting remains true to its founding commitment to environmental responsibility. Over time, this has become about much more than simply using “green” paint. The company holds regular free paint giveaways in the community to put leftover materials to good use. Where possible, walls are prepped with non-toxic cleaners to minimize the use of stain primers. They try to use local supplies to reduce their transportation footprintand consider every facet of the business fair game for regular environmental audits.

Ultimately, Ecopainting is a local success story because it has made developing strong relationships within the business a priority. Its painters are employees, with paid benefits and performance bonuses. Women are encouraged and supported to become painters, crew leaders and field managers. Clients get to know the crews, and post hundreds of positive testimonials that reflect their appreciation for personal service. In an industry that’s notoriously fraught with problems, delays and unexpected costs, delivering ahassle-free experience is no small feat. 

About Ecopainting Inc.:

Ecopainting Inc., the company belonging to Toronto Painters is a specialist in providing both commercial as well as residential painting services in and around the GTA regions like Toronto, Halton, Durham, York,and Peel. Their office is set up at Scarborough area and can handle painting projectsof different sizes and budget.

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