Neworld Medical Detox Provides the Crucial First Step to Addiction Recovery

Mar 23, 2018 – The proliferation of both government-funded and private rehabilitation facilities in this country is a testament to a drug problem that has rapidly reached epidemic proportions. Like our neighbours to the south, Canada is struggling to contain the social and economic fallout of alcohol and drug abuse, made all the deadlier by the recent emergence of fentanyl. Thousands die every year from the abuse of prescription pain medications, and fentanyl is now a factor in over half of those deaths.

The ready availability of opioids like OxyContin, Demerol and Vicodin have trapped a new generation of users in a cycle of addiction that is incredibly difficult to break. Addicts need the drug to feel “normal”, and the discomforts of withdrawal are particularly acute. Most rehabilitation facilities require clients to be clean for 72 hours before admission, and that bar is one that many are simply unable to meet. Moreover, waiting lists are killing users seeking for a professional withdrawal management. Neworld Medical Detox opened its doors precisely to help substance-abuserstake this first crucial step on the path to recovery. Neworld believes that abusers have to have access to evidence based care when they need it, which is also tailored to every client, in an environment that promotes long lasting change.

The team at Neworld is focussed entirely on getting their clients through withdrawal so that they can then forge a recovery plan with a clear mind and clean body. Detox isn’t a treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, but it is the necessary precursor to rehabilitation. Treatment plans should include medications, behavioural strategies as well as ongoing care. Because prolonged substance abuse alters chemical processes in the brain, cutting off the drug or alcohol supply can have potentially serious health consequences.  Neworld guides addicts seeking recovery through a carefully monitored program of medical detox that is based on science yet carefully individualized to suit client’s needs.

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This process begins with a systematic evaluation of both the client’s physical and emotional health before proceeding to stabilization during withdrawal. Once drugs and alcohol are no longer present, the staff at Neworld works with clients, friends and family members to prepare for active rehab. The ultimate goal of detox isn’t simply to get clients “clean”, but rather to get them ready to embark on a process of life-long recovery.

It is widely believed that many more addicts would seek treatment if they were able to move past the seemingly insurmountable process of withdrawal. Neworld is filling the gap between addiction and rehab by extending a lifeline to those who need help taking that first critical step.

About Neworld Medical Detox

Neworld Detox is a private facility in Ontario, Canada that offers a comprehensive range of medical detox programs for alcohol, prescription medications as well as opioids. Neworld also helps clients get off methadone. They specialize in offering medical detox treatments and addiction withdrawal management programs to bring about a lasting change in the lives of their clients. Neworld has also developed a special protocol for pain sufferers who have become addicted to prescribed opioids, with non-narcotic alternatives and other therapies to ease the transition to recovery.

The Neworld facility is located less than an hour from downtown Toronto, in a rural setting that boasts five-star facilities. The focus is on wellbeing, which includes a supplemental nutritional program, spacious living areas and a limited number of guests.

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