First Paranormal TV Series to Open Its Doors to Their Audience

United States – March 22, 2018 – Dream Comet Studios is set to release Local Hauntings pilot episode on March 23rd, 2018 through Amazon Prime Video exclusive for 30 days. The series is planned to be released later this year. We’re seeking feedback from the paranormal community to ensure we create a new interactive series where the voices of our audiences truly matter. We want to know what they liked about our pilot episode and what we can improve on before we hit the road.

This is the FIRST production to use FutureWorks tokens, which Supporters can earn tokens for watching and helping when they send in their feedback. Dream Comet Studios plans to officially launch the initial donation offering for FutureWorks by the end of Phase 1. For more information please visit our websites.

Also, FutureWorks will be hosting the “All or Nothing” contest, which one lucky grand prize winner will win a brand new 2018 Jeep. This contest will only take place if we reach over 30,000,000 FTW tokens gifted; we’re currently at 6,000,000 FTW tokens.

(Mock Concept of the 2018 Jeep)

FutureWorks connects filmmakers to audiences all around the globe. Collect FTW tokens to support the making of movies and be rewarded for your support.

Anthony Daniel started his career in 2014 and has made two feature films that have been distributed worldwide. Though the promising film writer and producer had been able to garner considerable success in the contemporary film industry yet initially he had to struggle early on to gather funding for projects and those struggles were the main inspirations behind the revolutionary FutureWorks token system which is An Independent Film Donation Blockchain. We have heard rumors about the exchanges that our FTW token will be placed. Right now, we’re in the process of working with well-known exchanges all around the globe.

Dream Comet Studios has recently made the video game documentary A Gamer’s Life which featured players like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who recently has made headlines playing #fortnite with hip-hop artist Drake and even broke Twitch records, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, who has been in pro scenes of Counter-Strike, and legendary Halo player David “Walshy” Walsh. We can’t forget that we also featured Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico and Lindsay Elyse. Some of the film’s proceeds were donated to Gamers Outreach Foundation since Anthony Daniel is always looking for creative ways to give back to awesome communities.

(Gamers Outreach Event, Photo by: Dave Pelosi)

Season 1 of Local Hauntings is set to start filming within the upcoming few months for a late 2018 release. We want to hear from the paranormal community on what locations we visit, how did our teams do, and even help present a Scare Score to each haunted location we visit to show visitors what they might run into if they stay the night at the location. After each season, our community will determine which team stays and which team will be replaced for the following season. We have plans to get your favorite investigators as special guest, which we feel this community needs to come together as a whole and Local Hauntings wants to be that bridge.

So, have you ever had things happen to you that are unexplained? Have you ever had shivers run down your spine? Every state has their own stories, their own folklore and we’ve set out on a quest to find the scariest and most haunted places in the world with your help. If you would like to setup an interview our contact information is posted down below.

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