5 Steps Academy Launches Unique Speed Learning System

Singapore, Singapore – The 5 Steps Academy is proud to announce the launch of its 5 Steps System, a unique speed learning system that boosts academic results. The 5 Steps System is an educational approach which benefits students by speeding up their learning, encouraging them to take an interest in their studies, and ultimately make a positive contribution to society.

The 5 Steps System accelerates students’ mastery of school curriculum based on the use of age-appropriate characteristics of the stages of the child’s development. The system involves 2 components: a time component and a content component.

“At its core, the system involves allocating the appropriate amount of time to each subject, combined with unique and innovative approaches to the learning process,” says 5 Steps Academy spokesperson Sarah Jones. “It’s an approach with which we’ve experienced a great deal of success, and it’s exciting to see how much our students are motivated to learn.”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/LI8OAkEdUrE


According to Jones, the 5 Steps System also has the advantage of shortening the gap between the physiological, social, and intellectual maturity of a child. Students stay motivated to learn and demonstrate responsible, socially acceptable behavior right through their teenage years, which can often otherwise prove to be a troublesome time for parents.


“Our focus is on providing a top-notch international education,” adds Jones. “But we also wish to instill in our students a love for lifelong learning and give them the tools to become independent, confident and caring individuals, well-equipped to face the challenges of modern life.”


About The 5 Steps Academy


The only school in Singapore that focuses on Mathematics, the Academy prides itself on its academic excellence, offering a well-rounded world-class multilingual education. Programs are created to suit the needs of each individual child and are complemented by a wide variety to co-curricular programs.


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