Bitcoin Futures Alpha Organization Will Run A Token Sale To Protect Worldwide Economy With Blockchain Technology

The World’s first Token which also allows Smart Contracts and opening a new way of banking known as Asset Backed Banking. Bitcoin Futures Alpha will also launch a decentralized exchange to trade Futures instruments. BFA token has a software protocol which controls the price of its Token. The token is based on Bitcoin, Its forks Market-Capitalizations and Market Capitalizations of the tokens which will be created on its own Blockchain. Currently, the software has added 7 Futures Cryptocurrencies and the current price of the Token is around 0.0095 BTC while the ICO price is too lower, meanwhile, If an investor invests 1 Ethereum during the Token Sale, he will get 3000% guaranteed return of its actual investment rest after the ICO. It is a fact that the token will always have the greater Market-Capitalizations comparing to Bitcoin. The token presale has been ended on March 21st, 2018. Now the investors only have around 90 days to participate in the ICO.

Sohail, CEO of Bitcoin Futures Alpha who currently works in UBL, says: “Bitcoin Futures Alpha is not only a Cryptocurrency, It is an economy, As many Cryptocurrencies are backed by Physical Assets, now the time is to Back the fiat currencies with a digital currency because interest in Digital currencies is greater than the physical assets.”

Vlad, member of Bitcoin Futures Alpha, from Russian Federation who is also an employee of Microsoft Corporation, says: “We have a complete system, an Economy which could not be controlled by the people, instead it is controlled by the software, We know that a software cannot make a mistake but a human can do it.”

Roberto Workman from United States, Who is a former employee of IBM, says: “Only the lucky ones will be able to participate in the ICO as after the ICO the price of the Token will be higher and later on, after the integration of Smart Contracts, the remaining tokens will be generated using the POS algorithm, however, the total supply is limited to 2 Billion Tokens.”

Sohail also told the media on the time of press release that BFA tokens will also back the Physical Bitcoins, The purpose of Physical Bitcoin is to purchase digital tokens from authorized merchants, However, each manufacturer will have a unique pin number which will be printed on these coins.

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