Metal Edge Assassin Team Releases Compelling Documentary on Amazon Prime

Salt Lake City, Utah – Metal Edge Assassin Team (MEAT), a rock band from Salt Lake City, has released their brand new, compelling documentary on Amazon Prime.

Titled Metal Edge Assassin Team A Double Shot of Whiskey, the documentary follows the band as they produce their latest 5-song EP, A Double Shot of Whiskey.  “We thought it was important to document our journey of making our latest EP,” says Daniel Jesse, drummer of MEAT.  “Our reunion as a band has been a long time coming, and we wanted to capture these very special moments.”

Before the band was officially created, members Daniel Jesse and Darrell Zitting attended Granger High School in Salt Lake City together.  Though the two drifted apart after graduation in 1990, they eventually reunited with the goal of starting a new music project together.  “We didn’t reconnect again until 1995,” Jesse says.  “Once we did, however, we played regularly in the local club scene.”

In 1996, Jesse left the band to raise a family and 21 years passed during which the two had no contact.  While Zitting continued playing in many different projects, Jesse would go for years without playing the drums.  “Life was just so busy,” Jesse says, “but I never forgot about my passion.”

All of this changed in 2015, when Jesse and Zitting reconnected once again through social media.  “Zitting was looking to re-form the band MEAT, which he had originally formed in 2004,” Jesse states.  “He had over a decade of success with it and we felt it was only natural to come together again as musicians.”

After practicing together throughout the summer of 2017, the band began rehearsing songs that were originally written and demoed in the 90’s.  By September 2017, the band began recording their newest 5-song EP, A Double Shot of Whiskey.  During this time, the band documented the production process which became Metal Edge Assassin Team A Double Shot of Whiskey.

A Double Shot of Whiskey was recorded at Soundwave Recording Studios in Salt Lake City and engineered, mixed and mastered by Kurt Johnson.  Band members include Darrell Zitting (guitar/vocals), Daniel Jesse (drums), Tracy Dickinson (bass) and Lindsay Smith (backing vocals).

The full-length documentary can be found on Amazon Prime in the US and UK. 

For more information about MEAT, or to listen to their music, please visit their YouTube channel.

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