A great enterprise FiyatimBU tells its success story and journey of entrepreneurship

March 23, 2018 – Saving time and reaching a wide product range with the most affordable prices are probably the most important two things in today’s business world. The biggest companies are looking for ways to supply high-quality products with the most affordable prices within the shortest time possible. Just in an age in which these key features are regarded as vital ones, comes out a brilliant entrepreneurship example: “FiyatımBu”.

They function as a purchasing department, this brilliant entrepreneurship, FiyatımBu, brings great advantages to companies thanks to the wide range of suppliers that contributes.

They started in Turkey with Levent Yapan and Bahadır Bölükbaşı, FiyatımBu has started to become widely known in Turkey thanks to the high quality and clever solutions it provides. It has also started to expand its services to the markets of the U.S. and Romania.

An illuminating interview was done with one of the builders of this great success: Mr.Bölükbaşı. Talking about the builders of this success, we also need to thank Mr.Yapan for his valuable views, who was not available at the time to join us for the interview.

Hello, Mr. Bölükbaşı. First of all, how would you personally describe “FiyatımBu”? What is it?

“FiyatımBu” is an idea we came up in 2013 with Mr.Yapan. To be precise, this system functions as a purchasing department for companies and organizations which wish to supply high-quality and affordable products. For the companies and organizations with a current purchasing department, it functions as a branch of this department. So, when companies need to supply these kinds of products, they simply contact us. I also need to state that our team, which joined us afterward, also played a great role in our success. It wasn’t for our team, we wouldn’t be here today.

Would you please enlighten us also about the range of products you provide?

We have a great range of products. We are doing our best to provide services for almost all kind of products. So, it would be practically easier to talk about which products are not currently included in our services. As we all know, to supply some products, there are specific requirements, regulations, and laws. For example, we are not able to supply food and medication products. At least, for now (smiles). There are strict regulations for these products and important licenses are required. Returning to what our range of products include, one could simply say it includes products from kitchen tools to medical equipment. To be specific, our customers are mostly requesting white appliances, computer products, and industrial equipment. Accordingly, our relationship with the suppliers working within these fields is much better. We started to have requests mainly from universities and hospitals, which in return, helped us build a better relationship with the suppliers since these organizations are publicly reliable.

What are the advantages organizations will see by working with you?

Saving time and money are the key features in today’s business world. This is basically what we present to the organizations working with us.

Expanding to the markets abroad is a vital step for an entrepreneurship. How did your journey abroad start?

Our headquarter was in Istanbul when this idea first came out. Then, we started to receive requests from different cities as the high quality and advantageous services we provide started to spread out. Our services have also been heard abroad the same way. We received our first order from Romania. So, it would be correct to say our journey started in Continental Europe. Then, we decided to move our service also to the States. In late 2017, we created our first webpage and started to receive requests. Though we are new in the U.S., we wish to receive the same interest in the U.S. as we did in Turkey.

Lastly, we would like to ask you about your future plans.

Our first future plan is to expand our service network and have more impact on the development of our customers. We wish to expand also our suppliers’ network so we can provide alternative product options with more affordable prices to our customers. Regarding the interest of universities and hospitals, we want to provide more services in these fields. Regarding all these plans, our plan is also to serve more customers from different countries.

To get more information about FiyatimBu, you can simply visit FiyatimBu-Global.Com

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