Mold Inspection Company UC Environmental Inc. Helps Businesses in Raleigh, NC, Stay Mold-Free

Every year, people throughout the country are hospitalized due to mold exposure, especially those with weakened immune systems, allergies, and asthma. UC Environmental Inc. helps businesses from all industries keep their buildings mold-free by providing thorough inspections.

Mold is a serious concern for business owners. Not only does mold put their workers at risk, but also their clients and their reputation. Business owners throughout the Raleigh area rely on UC Environmental Inc. to ensure their property is free of mold. The professionals at UC Environmental Inc. perform in-depth mold inspections to detect the presence of mold, mildew, fungus, and other concerns. They take multiple samples to determine the safety of a building, including:

Air Samples
Bulk Surface Samples
Swab Surface Samples
Tape Surface Samples

Mold is tenacious, so it can grow in almost any building. Business owners should always watch out for red flags, such as:

Stale or Musty Odor
Condensation Gathering in a Particular Area
Long-Term Water Issues
High Moisture in the Building

It is crucial to act fast at the first warning sign of mold. Breathing in mold spores can cause serious illness, especially in people with respiratory or immune system concerns. Young children and elderly adults are also at extra risk. Furthermore, mold grows quickly so the sooner it is addressed, the better.

UC Environmental Inc. works hard to not only determine the presence of mold, but also determine its species, where it is located, and how much of it there is. They provide much detailed information to make the remediation process go as smoothly as possible. Air quality testing and HVAC inspections are also available from their technicians.

Schedule an inspection by the team at UC Environmental Inc. with a call to (919) 670-3234. Information about their mold inspections and other services is also available on their website. Their company serves commercial clients throughout Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Greensboro, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding areas.

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