Booking an appointment for MRI scans, CT scans, and more now made easier by Alliance Medical

When it comes to medical imaging scans, Alliance Medical is one of the leading names in London. And for those who have been recommended for a medical imaging scan, Alliance Medical has made the entire process of booking an appointment easier with an online booking form and email enquiries.

UNITED KINGDOM – Mar 23, 2018 – Medical imaging technology has greatly advanced in recent years, especially with the ready availability of imaging technologies such as MRI, PET, and CT scans. One such provider of medical imaging and scanning services is Alliance Medical, which has long been an established name in London for those looking for premier medical imaging services.

As Alliance Medical explains, “With experienced and expertly skilled clinical, medical support and patient liaison employees, Alliance Medical London provides gold standard diagnostic imaging and outpatient services in two convenient central London locations.”

Alliance Medical adds, “We have provided imaging and radiology services in central London for over 12 years. Our London Harley Street Centres are established centres of excellence, taking pride in a broad range of services to both private and NHS patients.”

And now, thanks to Alliance Medical’ focus on providing excellent care and patient support, anyone can more easily book an appointment and request a scan through either an email enquiry or by contacting Alliance Medical directly by telephone or fax, or by sending in a booking form available through the website of Alliance Medical.

The booking form can be filled in by patients who already have a referral form or letter, and the form will simply require the patient’s name and other personal information as well as their referral information, their relevant medical history, and the details of the referring clinician.

Alliance Medical specialises in various types of medical imaging services, which include MRI, CT, and PET/CT scans, as well as X-rays, ultrasound scanning, and fluoroscopy. Aside from this, Alliance Medical offers interventional radiology services, and it provides dedicated outpatient services where its expert team promises to assess and investigate as well as diagnose and come up with recommended pathways of care for patients. Alliance Medical says more about its outpatient services: “Our specialist teams can undertake related treatment required and will refer treatment from other specialist consultants to the most appropriate and experienced team as necessary…Our clinical teams are sensitive to patients’ circumstances and will personally take them through any required investigations, follow up consultations and treatment undertaken on site.”

About the company:

Alliance Medical has paved the way for medical imaging and scanning technology with its scanning services. For those who would like to learn more about getting an MRI scan in London from this leading provider, visit the Alliance Medical website.

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