BalanceLovely Launches its Debut Feminine Health Product, Natural Boric Acid Suppositories

Houston, TX – March 24th, 2018 – For women who wish to regain their confidence and natural health, BalanceLovely has launched natural boric acid suppositories that restore the body’s natural pH. Recurring vaginal infections are a reality in the lives of many women caused by yeast and bacterial infections. Newly founded BalanceLovely has thus introduced Natural Boric Acid Suppositories that score over conventional treatments and work faster to bring relief and long-term feminine health.

Prescription medicines such as antibiotics, creams and oral tablets are known to create further resistance to infections. Studies however have revealed that a 600 mg vagina suppository begins to work within 24 hours and completely cures the infection in just about 10 days. With over 75 percent women reporting such infections, BalanceLovely has launched its natural, safe, proven and effective product to help women regain their health and confidence.

Yeast infections caused by fungus such as Candida albicans can occur to anyone, but is more likely to occur due to an imbalance in the levels of natural bacteria that reside in the body. Factors that can create this imbalance range from excessive moisture and heat, menstruation, tampons, scented soap or hygiene products. The consequent shift in bacterial levels, bacterial vaginosis (BV), increase the vaginal pH causing infection of the vulva and the vagina.

Since other medicines cause resistance or only temporary relief, gynecologists are therefore shifting attention to suppositories for prevention. Holistic and natural, the BalanceLovely Boric Acid Suppositories are 100 percent vegetarian, free from gelatin, and meet the GMP standards of the FDA.

We are excited about launching our company to provide women with holistic and better alternative to their health. Each product is designed with one goal in mind: providing help for common challenges that encourage balance and harmony within the female body,” Rachel Mcpherson of BalanceLovely.

BalanceLovely is founded on a rich, research based experience in microbiology and working with large pharmaceutical companies for new drugs during their trial phase. The company was created to address the occurrence of adverse reactions in some women when given new treatments for bacterial vaginosis. BalanceLovely believes in excellent customer services and aims to bring women the highest quality, safe, natural feminine hygiene products.

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