Prytoc Kickstarter Campaign Recently Launched for Cryptosteel

Cryptocurrency Wallet Hardware Revolutionizes Crypto Market

Prytoc, A group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, have designed a product that is sure to revolutionize the cryptocurrency world.  The CryptoHex backs up cryptocurrency.  It is a stainless steel rod that serves as an external backup for TREZOR and LEDGER as well as any other BIP39 HD that stores Crypto.

“We are excited about the kickstarter,” stated a CryptoHex Prytoc representative.  “The product is innovative and much needed.  CryptoHex cryptosteel backs up cryptocurrency which is a service that is invaluable.  With the kickstart campaign, we are confident we will be able to share this wonderful product with the world.  We are a team of crypto maniacs, prototype freaks, designers and optimistic entrepreneurs who know all about cryptocurrency and the hardware needed for such endeavors so we are thrilled to introduce this wallet to the public.”

The CryptoHex is an external backup.  Normally, billions of dollars of cryptocurrency are backed up on pen scribbled inscribed pieces of paper which isn’t altogether safe, according to the Prytoc team.  Their invention, the CryptoHex, is a stainless steel rod that safely backs up a wallet.  The product is made with two goals in mind- it is easy to hide and it is able to be offered at a low cost.  It is durable as well.

The CryptoHex is able to endure such elements as shock, fire and water.  It can withstand aging too.  It can be hidden most anywhere and the cost is significantly less that similar products.  The CryptoHex is being praised by blockchain geeks across the world who are reported intrigued with the design and function of it.

Made as a rod so it can be easily hidden, the CryptoHex is able to recover Cryptocurrency if a user loses access to his or her wallet.  When the wallet is generated, the user is given a mnemonic phrase that generally consists of a series of twelve to twenty-four words. The words are then used in the mnemonic phrase which is comprised of a list of over two thousand words and the first four letters of each word is used to complete the mnemonic phrase.  More information and details are available.

The team at Prytoc are no strangers to the Cryptocurrency world and have other skills as well which make them experts in the CryptoHex line of work.  They started the first hardware wallet store in Denmark and also have a 3d printing factory in Copenhagen called “Northern Layers”.

The team is comprised of: Nicolas Aagaard who hails from a long line of jewelry designers; Dane Shea who is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and Kare Fransen who serves and “the production guy”.  Together the group appears to be unstoppable and is offering their kickstarter opportunity to the public for twenty percent off the normal price of CryptoHex.

To find out more about CryptoHex cryptosteel wallets for cryptocurrency or to take part in the kickstart campaign that is now underway, visit the website at

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