Social Sunset Reveals Secrets Marketing Firms Don’t Want You To Know

The New Expert Strategies for Companies Seeking an Unfair Advantage in their Market

Los Angeles, CA – March 24, 2018 – Social Sunset, an international digital marketing firm headquartered in Los Angeles, is now revealing strategies the firm uses to maximize profitability by leveraging emotion and enhancing brand participation. Social Sunset’s co-founders Oliver Compton and Kyran Ford pull back the curtain on the top five strategies that promote sustainable growth in the largely saturated markets companies are navigating today, which are as follows:

1. Creating Resonance Between a Brand and its Audience

2. Building a Framework Based on Human Semantics

3. Channeling the Mass Desire that Already Exists

4. Establishing Commitment with Congruency & Persistency

5. Generating Engagement, Participation, & Emotional Connection

These strategies crafted by Compton & Ford have successfully accelerated continuous growth for Social Sunset’s partners, including businesses belonging to Fortune 500 and S&P 500 enterprises.

Emotive marketing helps marketers differentiate and compete in this challenging environment by conveying a brand’s values, interests, and passions. Success with this technique is ultimately achieved when a company has an entire movement of customers who feel as though their individual morals, values, and desires are expressed by a particular brand. These strategies must feel authentic and genuine in order to work. Marketers need to truly understand both the audience and the brand’s identity to choose the right approach.  The major focus of any business or organization is recurring revenue, which can only be achieved through connecting a customer’s emotional aspiration to their brand.

“Imagine your favorite film. You share an emotional connection with the characters and they completely take you to another place. This is the level of emotion that is necessary”, says Oliver Compton. Mr. Compton is holding workshops in Los Angeles showing franchises, luxury brands, and companies with affluent clientele how to leverage emotional marketing to grow their businesses.

“Emotional marketing is all about creating the feeling inside of your customers that compels them to give your company more money… and to do so without hesitation” said Kyran Ford, while speaking about the importance and benefits of emotional marketing.

Any of the emotional marketing strategies taught by Social Sunset can be adopted to suit any business, but it should be noted that the key to creating a successful emotive marketing campaign is authenticity. One must truly understand that everything meaningful is based in emotion and, despite ever-changing markets and new challenges, emotion will forever remain the common denominator.

For more information, you can attend an upcoming workshop held by Social Sunset.

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