Indiana based family business launches hand-held cloth diaper sprayer that help to keep babies fresh and happy

Stainless steel product has multiple uses and comes with a lifetime warranty

Lafayette, Indiana – Staying fresh doesn’t have to be difficult, with the right product. Boomer Fresh, a small family-owned business based in Layette, Indiana, is proud to announce their product, the Boomer Fresh cloth diaper sprayer. The premium stainless steel handheld device is useful for taking care of babies and keeping them clean and happy. Take personal hygiene to the next level using a very effective product made from high-quality material, with watertight attachment.

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“Attaining a new high in personal hygiene shouldn’t be like rocket science. We have what you need, and it is easy to use. Our cloth diaper sprayer does the work it is built for and has been tested to ensure efficiency and great water pressure without leaking. At Boomer Fresh, our objective is to help consumers find the best way to clean diapers, and other items that need proper care and hygiene,” said Peter Newlin, CEO of Boomer Fresh.

Boomer Fresh is good for so many reasons, making it the perfect item to have in the toilet, for every home that takes personal hygiene very seriously. It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is strong, durable, easy to wipe clean, and rust resistant. The beautiful nickel finish ensures that your bathroom décor remains unaffected. The product is built for multiple uses including cleaning cloth diapers and toilet bowl spraying, for use in the home, office, or RV. All products have been checked for watertight attachment, to ensure there are no leaks whatsoever. This product help save money and there is no need getting a bidet.

“I was impressed and even surprised how nice this product was! The finishing on it felt high-end and it works awesome! It has the perfect amount of pressure needed and we are just so thankful we chose this product. Not too difficult to install. It works great and I love that it has an on/off valve and option for what kind of holder you use. Very satisfied with this purchase. Highly Recommended,” said Hannah E, a customer.

Boomer Fresh hand-held sprayer kit set includes stainless steel sprayer, hose, and easy on/off T adapter with ABS toilet or wall attachment, extra rubber washer parts, and a small roll of plumbers. It is 100% backed by manufacturer’s 30-day money back guarantee with lifetime warranty.

About Boomer Fresh

Boomer Fresh is a small family run business based in Lafayette, Indian USA. The company provides premium products for the special little ones, helping consumers maintain high-level personal hygiene that promotes good health.

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