Cloud Backup: When It\’s Coming, How Fast It Will Be & The IOT Future It Will Enable

“Cloud Backup Markets”
Cloud Backup Markets: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, worldwide, 2018 to 2024

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as Cloud Backup markets respond to the advantages brought by mega data centers for cloud computing. The quality and the customization of mega data centers are significant market growth drivers. Automation of process is a key efficiency tool.

Worldwide Cloud Backup has many applications: IoT, the Internet of things is the largest. Self-driving cars, drones, robots, artificial intelligence, and data center core storage.

Cloud-backup markets get really, really big by 2024, $190.5 billion. The reason is that all computing moves to the cloud and all smart devices and IoT store data in the cloud. Augmented reality, self-driving cars, robots, drones all generate significant amounts of data from small smart devices and processors inside things. That data gets stored in the cloud. This data is manipulated with analytics and accessed as information from many different sources.

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With 2 trillion IoT processors and devices anticipated to be in place by 2024, there is a lot of data generated on a daily basis. While not all of it is stored or backed up, a lot of the data needs to be used again in analytics, hence the growth of cloud storage markets. Once the data is stored, it can be accessed again and used, which is a back-up function.

Worldwide, the Cloud Backup market at $21.7 billion market in 2017, is expected to reach $190.5 billion by 2024. Growth is a result of the implementation of the digital economy.

Geographically, this report is split into the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Cloud Backup Table of Contents:


1.1 Cloud Back-up

1.2 High-Performance Switches Implement Software Defined Data Center



2.1 Cloud Back-up Market Driving Forces

2.1.1 Value of Cloud Back-Up Companies Is the Customer Base That Can be Converted to Cloud

2.2 Cloud Back-up Market Shares

2.3 Cloud Back-up Market Forecasts

2.3.1 Cloud Back-up Market Segments Analysis CSP, MSP, and Telco, 2012-2017

2.4 Cloud Back-up Pricing

2.5 Cloud Back-up and Storage for Private, Public, and Hybrid Market Sectors

2.5.1 Private Cloud

2.5.2 Public Cloud

2.5.3 Hybrid Cloud

2.5.4 Social Media Always on Data Centers

2.6 Cloud Back-up Regional Market Segments



3.1 Amazon

3.1.1 Amazon Business

3.1.2 Amazon Competition

3.1.3 Amazon Description

3.1.4 Amazon Fault Tolerance and Redundancy Solutions

3.2 Goldman Sachs Open Compute Project

3.3 Robust, Quality Cloud Computing

3.4 Networking Performance

3.4.1 Scalable Infrastructure Data Management Component Application Segments

3.4.2 Internet Has Grown by a Factor of 100 Over The Past 10 Years

3.4.3 Realigning Data Center Cost Structures

3.4.4 IT Relies On Replacing Virtual Machine: VM Virtualization

3.4.5 Microservices

3.4.6 Microservices Features

3.4 7 Microservices Modules

3.4.8 Difficulties with Virtual Machines

3.4.9 Hypervisor a Difficulty

3.4.10 Virtual Machines Use Bare Metal, Containers Use Orchestration Software

3.4.11 Bare Metal an Inefficient Use of Compute Resource

3.4.12 Bare Metal Less Efficient

3.4.13 Industry Uses Robots Because Manual Labor Is Slow And Error-Prone

3.4.14 IT processes Replace Manual Labor

3.4.15 Mega Data Center Orchestration Software


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