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“Push Your Limits”
Agility Grid and Hurdle all in one, that folds into an L for easy storage. Comes with 119 Free Exercises you can access on website.

Penalty Box Fit Start Up –

Being an athlete all my life, I loved to Push my Limits and go as far as I can until Iliterally can’t. That point in the workout when you could stop or keep going and don’t even realize you are working out. This is what I mean about Pushing Limits.

My name is Kris Barr and I loved going all out and wanted to help others reach their full potential and Push Their Limits. So I became a personal trainer and thankfully enough, a local gym let me bring my clients in there to train in a small corner. It was about a 6×6 foot of space so I had to innovate and couldn’t use a regular training system or method. I always was creative and wanted to make my own. So I took an agility ladder cut it into four links and made it into a four square grid. This was just the start. I came up with so many different exercises for footwork, speed, agility, plyometrics, about 119 of them. Then realized, what if I can put this into a hurdle too? 

Later that night I looked around the room and took notice to the way objects folded. I looked at my laptop, door hinges, and BOOM I saw it. I saw the 3-ringed binder and how it was keeping together the book in order to create the fold. That second, I quickly went to the nearest Loews Home Improvement store and Joannes fabric store and looked for the materials necessary.

As I was in the fabric store I was thinking to myself, who’s going to be able to 
manufacture the first prototype for me to bring to my lawyer to get a patent?

Then a lady by the name of Melinda turned the corner saying, “Hey there, do you need help with anything?”

Sounds crazy right? Long story short, I said yes can you make this?! And that night after my Uncle Fred and I cut up the materials she needed, she put together the first penalty box with her home sewing machine. Poor lady, she said it took her 8 hours! I ended up paying $120 for the first prototype! Crazy right?! Wrong. I was excited and eagerly persistent for success.

I thought to myself, how will I be able to produce these at an affordable rate. Then I met with this man named Miguel. He was a friend of my Uncles. They new each other from the gym and he owned a factory in Perth Amboy, NJ. Miguel was a great guy and helped me out so much. He created 500 Penalty Boxes for me and I don’t think he made much money on it, if any. He was basically doing it because he saw my passion and willingness to succeed. To this day I am very thankful for him. With these penalty boxes I was able to start training teams, sell some to local athletes, and post a bunch of content on my Facebook and Instagram. I would post 3-4 videos a day of trainings! Everyone loved it. They saw the value and intensity PBF brought.

One of my friends I played soccer with in college showed his father, Jay Teitelbaum a video I posted on Facebook and loved it.Jay is now my business partner and took me to China to get the Penalty Box produced on a massive scale to bring to the market. 

Here’s the video he showed him:

Now the product is being used by sports teams, fitness trainers, Professional MLS Soccer Players and Pro MMA, UFC RANKED Lightweight athlete, Edson Barboza.

After starting out training in a small 6×6 corner, I am now very thankful for this opportunity to share worldwide this amazing product and workout program to Push Your Limits.

What’s the Concept?

Agility Grid and Hurdle All in One that uses four squares to take the place of an agility ladder and easily folds into a hurdle and stores away in the shape of an L. 

Every person gets their own and goes at their own pace instead of a regular agility ladder where you would stand in a line and each person would go one at a time.

With Penalty Box Fit everyone is working at their own pace. It can be the hardest or easiest workout in the world, depending on YOU.

Comes with the Exercise Library for FREE

– Over 119 Exercise Clips to perform inside the Penalty Box Fit!

– Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

– Plyometrics & Explosive, Speed & Agility, Hurdle Hustlers, Core Cardio, Resistance Bands, and Combination Exercises

Why is This Convenient?

• Easy to Carry

• Portable solution to train anywhere

• Adaptable to any environment

• Weighs less than two pounds 

• Takes up little space


PENALTY BOX FIT not only offers a newfitness product and FREE exercise library clips, but also a workout video program that you can access on your mobile device,laptop, or tablet.

Get access to over 25+ Workout Videos all categorized in different levels from beginner, intermediate, advanced, footwork specific, and pro workout series.

Fitness & Health Benefits

• Increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness 

• Increased peak and maximal oxygen uptake

• Decreased abdominal fat
• PBF training could be easily modified for people of all fitness levels.

• PBF workouts provide you with comparable fitness benefits as long endurance workouts would, but in a much shorter duration of time. 

• Since PBF training incorporates HIIT, PBF training has a post-exercise EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). This means that the body will continue to burn calories even AFTER the workout.
• PBF workouts burn MORE calories during that short time compared to traditional low-impact training. 

What are the Benefits of Speed & Agility Training?

• Speed training may improve the rate which force is produced and also the speed of muscle contraction. 
• Agility training may enhance one’s dynamic balance. Dynamic balance is defined as the ability to control and maintain balance while in motion. 
• Quickness and reactivity drills and exercises may help improve natural reflexes, which will help to move faster in just about anything. 
• Speed and agility exercises generally use more muscles than solely running would, which will lead to more calories burned during the workout.


To bring Penalty Box Fit Worldwide. We would like to help many people with their sports, fitness goals, and even trainers use the PBF as a new tool to help their clients and business out. We believe its a great tool for group training and can see it being used as a new fitness class. Even schools using this product and workout program as a new Physical Education program to help enhance students motor learning skills, and overall fitness. When you see an agility ladder, we would like you to see a penalty box.

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