Get rid of pests surrender to bed bugs invasion, the harsh truth in 2018

Get rid of pests invites student in writing contest to examine the social stigma and public awareness

Portland, Oregon – Get Rid of Pests Info would like to announce their Student writing competition for 2018 bedbug awareness week. The purpose of the project is to help young writers and video makers ages 13-18 be more knowledgeable about the ever-growing population of bed bugs in the United States and all over the World. The project will also try to investigate why people are forced to live with bedbugs despite thousands of years of accumulated human knowledge.

Participating students are expected to research social and economic consequences of bed bug infestation for the individuals or their local community. Their finding & entry in the competition will be in the form of interview or video.

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“The bedbug menace is growing in the United States, and no one seems to have any solutions to curb it. We are organizing this competition to boost public awareness so that people can live a better life. Why should we, members of the 21st-century society no be able to eradicate or control the spread of bed bugs, despite all of our technological achievements? We intend to stop people from making up their minds to live with bedbugs and embrace the knowledge that will bring about a complete resolve,” said John Michael, a representative of Get Rid of Pests Info.

The 2018 bedbug awareness week is bound to be an exciting one with the introduction of this writing competition. Students who will be participating are saddled with the responsibility of investigating the current situation, gathering intel, and spread awareness about bed bugs. It will also question the reasons why many people can’t seem to find the solution that will help prevent bed bug infestation.

We live in an information age, so a problem like bed bugs should not be there in the first place. Creating awareness is one of the best ways to find out how to eradicate bed bugs and overcome the awful stigma attached to infestation. The project will also help in knowledge gathering, improve interactions among people, and help the people avoid an outbreak.

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Get Rid of Pests Info is an online platform that provides information about bed bug issues. They offer a huge knowledge base that includes how people get bed bugs and how to get rid of it. They are also active in public awareness programs to get more people involved in eliminating bed bugs.

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