Racine, WI Based company, 5Kevents.org launches Home Emergency Technology

March 27th, 2018 – What started as a dedicated way to alert first responders to the exact location of running participants in distress on remote trails for a race management company called 5Kevents.org has evolved into something much bigger for this organization and may soon be in many homes, offices and schools across America. Patrick Flynn, founder of 5Kevents.org developed a new platform for alerting First Responders in the event of an emergency. According to Flynn, many homes are doing away with land-lines and turning towards cell phones. But when it comes to an emergency, cell phones may not be readily available. Hence the evolution of the Home Emergency Launch Pad aka H.E.L.P.

From running trails to homes, automobiles, boats and even the classroom, HELP is designed to give First Responders the exact GPS location of a caller is distress. “think about it, a call comes in from a school… that’s a pretty big building. This system will give First Responders the exact location all the way to the very classroom the call was made from” says Flynn. “911 operators will even have the ability to access the devices camera to get an immediate visual to aid the call”.

And because WIFI could be unavailable during an emergency, it also uses the call service that is always available as long as there is a cell signal in the area. Once a call is initiated, everything is automated from there.

HELP’s Patent Pending device combines GPS Technology with WIFI and Cell Service to reach emergency personnel. The system can be hard wired or installed in a phone wall jack where a traditional telephone once was installed. According to the developer the phone jack resolves two issues; #1. It is always powered up and #2. It can be found quickly. The idea is to have a dedicated system, always on and always in a place that people can access. Too often cell phones are lost, hard to find in a emergency or the batteries are dead. HELP resolves those issues.  Because WIFI may be disabled in an emergency, it’s important that a cell signal be available.

In the US and Canada, wireless phone operators are required by law to connect all calls to 911 services, whether the customer account has an active cell phone account, past due or even canceled. Therefore no monthly fee is required to use and operate the system. The app can also be downloaded onto a PC, Apple or Android Device. Flynn says, “We have found that old phones and tablets are extremely useful for this application and keeps the cost extremely low so every one can afford it.” It also allows SMS functionality to text to a 911 operator if available in the user’s geographic area.” The company suggest users install a dedicated device in sensitive areas of your home, cars, schools, and offices. For homes we highly encourage areas  such as bedside, exit doors or kitchens; read more about the product here.

Contact the company via it’s web site to get notified when this product is released to the public:


877.570.4434 (5Kevents.org)

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