Suppleplant Launches New Line of Bioactive, All Natural Food Supplements For Indoor Plants & Orchids

For those who prefer indoor plants over outdoor varieties, it is important to find the right plant food. Suppleplant is a well known online resource when it comes to the care of house plants, including tropical plants and orchids. The company’s latest line of plant food is all natural and includes bioactive compounds that help indoor plants to thrive.

Vancouver, BC – For many, indoor house plants provide a beauty and manageability that just isn’t possible with traditional outdoor garden plants. Not to mention, house plants won’t die out in the winter due to cold temperatures, so owners can enjoy them year round. However, there is a certain amount of care that is necessary for indoor plants, which can range in consistency and level depending on the type of plants in question. For instance, orchids and tropical plants will require more care and special treatment than plants like aloe, ferns, and herbs. Luckily, Suppleplant of Vancouver has years of experience providing top quality plant food and care products for orchids, tropical plants, and other house plants. Their newest line of all natural plant food is bioactive, containing ingredients that can help indoor plants to thrive.

“While indoor plants like orchids and tropicals can add a beautiful, eye-catching piece to your home, they won’t last very long without the right care,” says company founder Zack Klassen. “It can be easy to kill your houseplant by giving them a fertilizer that includes too many, or not enough of the nutrients that the plant needs. Orchids, in particular, are known for their tricky care. At Suppleplant, we work to create fertilizers and plant foods for orchids, tropical plants, hydroponics, air plants, and succulents. Our bioactive fertilizers are all natural and designed to be better for your plants than off the shelf fertilizers you would find at your local garden center.”

Suppleplant focuses on ensuring that their plant foods are always safe and effective alternatives to traditional plant care resources. And of course, the company’s main goal has always been to help their buyers make the spaces that they inhabit that much more beautiful. Plants are an easy way to add decoration to a home, as well as breathing new life into the space. Rather than simply creating fertilizers for houseplants, Suppleplant also provides information on caring for various indoor and outdoor plants so that plant owners can become their own horticulturists in their homes.

By providing organic fertilizers that are completely safe for human skin (and even ingestible), Suppleplant has fulfilled their goals of giving plant owners an indoor plant food solution that is still environmentally friendly and even better for their plants than typical garden center fertilizers. To learn more about the types of plant food available from Suppleplant, or to read more about the company’s goals of providing safe and healthy plant food, visit their website.

Suppleplant is located at 2271 Coral Reef Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company can be reached by phone at (514) 655-8444, or from their website:

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