MINIEYE releases pre-installed ADAS product, equipped with Xilinx FPGA.

At the China International Automobile Technology Exhibition, Xilinx, the world’s leading supplier of programmable logic solutions, exhibited the pre-installed ADAS product, X1 by MINIEYE.


MINIEYE is a professional ADAS technology and product developer in China, applying visual vehicle perception technology to detect road obstacles, and warning driver in time to avoid accidents. In 2017, MINIEYE released the ADAS product for aftermarket, M3. Now, M3 has been sold in bulk, including to customers from logistics fleets, hazardous chemicals transportation companies, car rental companies, car network operators and others. At the US CES exhibition in 2018, MINIEYE released the pre-installed product X1, which had already entered several vehicle OEMs and Tier 1 supplier systems. This year, it will be equiped on a mass production car.

Despite the features of M3, X1 has new features such as pedestrian collision warning and speed limit identification. Furthermore, X1 is a product that completely meets the requirements of the auto-grade standards. According to MINIEYE, Xilinx FPGA chip was chosen because it has high computing performance and is more suitable for deep learning; it is also a chip that has been mass-produced and meets the requirements of auto-grade standards. Thus, the research and development involved are more developed, the cost is competitive, and the power consumption can be greatly reduced. The best balance of performance, cost and power consumption has been achieved.

In addition, the flexibility and high expansion capabilities of the Xilinx product line enable customers to develop customized platforms. It can help MINIEYE meets the needs of high-level product differentiation and innovation, and has a defined place in the market. 

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