Agapao: From Dr. Albert E Russell Comes An Exquisite Work That Explores The Horizons Of Marital Bliss In An Unprecedented Manner.

“Agapao: Loving your wife the way God intended” is a book written by Dr. Albert E Russell. As the title itself suggests, it adds a certain kind of divinity to the institution of marriage. When asked about his book, Dr. Russell says the following, “Agapao is God telling husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  It is directed toward men because I’m a man, so that is the perspective that I speak from”.

 The integral question that arises is the source of his vision, here is what he replied, “Well, I began writing Agapao about eight years ago.  It was finished but not whole. I needed to add some meat to the bones.  The vision came while my late wife, Danielle, was in Iraq.  It took me about a month to write it.  I had a lot of time on my hands while she was deployed.”

Dr. Russell adds humanity to writing. His reason is philanthropic, “There are multiple reasons but the main reason is just me sharing what God gave me in an effort to assist others.  I always want to help people.  Everything I offer up, it is done to help someone.  Hopefully, it will.”

Even though Agapao is Russell’s latest book, he is also working on other books which are also immensely profound. Russell says, “The devotional is God’s little daily nudge to us to remind us that He has not forsaken us nor forgotten us.  “Pushing through the Pain” is basically me preaching to myself and reminding myself that I’m not the only person who has ever suffered great loss and God reminding me (and others who can relate) that He’s a restorer.  Breaking the Curse is a fictional work but, in my opinion, it is God reminding someone that they can do anything that they put their mind to.” 

Agapao has been receiving fabulous reviews so far. When asked about his future literary plans, Russell mentions another book, ‘Walk with Me: God Seen, God Heard, God Revealed: A 365 Day Devotional.  That’s coming along well.’

About Dr. Albert E Russell.

Born in a place called Andrews AFB in Maryland, after a while, the family shifted to Mobile, Alabama, where he was raised alone by his mother Bernice Russell after his father passed away. Dr. Russell attended Williamson High School in Mobile, where he graduated third in the class, he went to Alabama State University and received his Bachelor of Science Degree, he then attended the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from where he obtained Ph.D. in Chemistry.  He received the honor of president’s award. In his later years, he was also awarded “Sloan’s scholar” award by Alfred P Stone foundation.

Right now he is a department chair as well as assistant professor at Tuskegee. He is also involved in several activities that lead to the elimination of crime.

As for his personal life, it is a statement in itself. He is a single father of two children and for the longest period of time, was married to Danielle Russell. 

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