Tomoloo 3-wheel electric skateboards be a new experience for users!

Skateboarding has become a fashion sport that is increasingly favored by young people. However, the mainstream four-wheeled electric skateboards in the market generally have the phenomenon of inflexible steering, non-skid PU tires, and broken and broken tires during riding, which directly affects the riding experience of skateboarders.

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TOMOLOO has a sense of mission to redefine the user experience! Our R&D team took two years of painstaking research and development to create the world’s first 3-wheel electric skateboard H3. Its subversive structural design and innovative steering mechanism will be a new experience for users!

Appearance design

The exterior of this 3-wheel electric skateboard, the design team of TOTOMOO drew inspiration from the giant dragon night frey in Nordic mythology. The body incorporates the design concept of the dragon. Two LED headlights resemble the eyes of a dragon in the night, and the pedals are centered in strip lighting. Like a dragon’s spine, this skateboard is filled with vitality and spirituality, riding it, enough to make you the most shining focus of the crowd. We have applied for appearance patents in many countries including the United States, the European Union, and China.


The skateboards use TOMOLO’s world’s first steering mechanism to invent technology. The steering is very flexible and light during the ride, and the turning radius is less than 2 meters. The steering mechanism also has the function of shock absorption, which makes the skateboard more resistant to obstacles. , Smooth and comfortable through the sand, pits, water and other roads; tires with solid rubber tires, good anti-skid and wear resistance, make riding more comfortable, TOMOLOO this from inside to outside innovative skateboards, I believe will give consumers a subversive new ride experience…

Humanized design

In the head of the skateboard, an intelligent digital display is installed, and the driving speed, power, driving gear, and accumulated mileage are clear at a glance. Users can keep track of their riding status at any time.

Considering that this skateboard provides more long-range power for outdoor use, we have adopted a replaceable battery design, with a spare battery on the go, anywhere, anytime. Being replaceable, it will be more enjoyable for skateboarders. The quality of the 18650 lithium battery is the same as Tesla’s. It is energy-efficient, safe and reliable.

The collapsible pull rod design makes it easy to pull freely in public places such as elevators and subways. At the same time, we use our TPU material to draw rods. It is very durable at high temperatures of 60° and minus 25°.

With Bluetooth, enjoy music easily while riding.

The body is also equipped with a USB interface to charge the remote control and mobile phone outdoors.


Ride Experience

Tomoloo several engineers after repeated studies, the controller uses the most advanced electronic stability control system (Electronic Stability Program), no delay in acceleration, a comfortable linear brake body when braking. This skateboard has reached the unity of people and skateboard at the moment of starting and braking, and it is always in a very stable state. According to different user groups, three gear speeds of 10km/h, 18km/h and 28km/h are set and can be switched freely by hand-held controllers. Whether it is skateboard beginners, enthusiasts or professional players, this skateboard is the ideal choice.

Tomoloo’s 3-wheel electric skateboards with subversive creativity, its riding comfort is fantastic! Beyond everyone’s imagination, only you can experience it in person. Whether it is flat road or gravel road, tomoloo will accompany you to explore the unknown world ahead.

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