Jaouad Bentama – the New York artist with a unique French touch

Talented Immigrant from Paris, Jaouad Bentama, becomes one of the most talked about artists in New York with a unique combination of painting and found objects with particular reference to the world of childhood

Jaouad Bentama is the classic case of grass to grace without of course forgetting the very important element of hard work. Jaouad Bentama is a French Moroccan  immigrant that arrived in New York in 2012. Without being to speak a word of English when he arrived, Jaouad has worked his way against all odds to become one of the most sought-after artists in New York.

There are several “grass to grace” stories especially in motion pictures with the likes of Hollywood showing the world how people became successful against all odds. The same can be said about Jaouad as he made his way from having almost nothing to become an artist of class and prestige.

After working for years within an artist group, even with his disadvantages, the struggles of Jaouad paid off after performances and exhibitions in various places as he was noticed by the prestigious Opera Gallery Group. This marked the beginning of his journey to the limelight.

Jaouad has grown to become an artist worthy of followership. This is particularly due to his uniqueness and ingenuity, with his works combining painting and found objects with particular reference to the world of childhood. Jaouad’s works are based on the idea of catharsis, mobilizing the terrifying figures of his childhood in the service of a possible sublimation, making them even more unique and captivating.

Thus the stuffed animals, objects and redundant images in his paintings evoke a troubling, sometimes dark imaginary journey that awakens the ambivalent emotions of the viewer. His amazing technique of delivery has stood him out in the industry, with each one of his works seems to be a summation of his childhood story.

Jaouad has featured in several galleries and works while collaborating with several heavyweights in the industry. Some of such performances and galleries include Fred Torres Collaborations Gallery, Green Point Gallery, Queens Museum Contest, and Group Show at CONARTIST.

More information about the talented artist and his creative works can be found on Instagram as well as his website.

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