Of Ships & Scoundrels: Unique Turn-Based Strategy Game Launches on Kickstarter

Ludwigsburg, Germany – On March 23 2018, Korion Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Of Ships & Scoundrels, a turn-based strategy and action game where you explore procedurally generated maps with ships. In a compelling story you build a kingdom of islands, improve your ships, cannons and buildings and fight against pirates, local forces and even monsters to defeat your ultimate enemy, Lord Melville.

“We’re putting all our passion for gaming into a fantastic new game experience, combining pirates, mermaids and kraken into a unique gameplay mix of action, adventure and strategy,” the team explained.

Typically, in strategy games, if you move a unit like a soldier or a tank, it will go to its specified location and stop there. Well the thing is, ships don’t just stop. They’re affected by the wind, and it takes some time to alter their course or bring them to a halt. Similarly, at the end of each turn, your ships won’t stand still – their momentum is stored for the next turn and will influence their direction and speed significantly. You really have to plan ahead and keep an eye on your ships’ overall course.

The environment in Of Ships & Scoundrels is randomly generated, meaning you play a new map every time you start a level. While some elements in the main story quests stay the same, major parts of the game will be different each time you play it. With an infinite variety of levels, you’ll want to replay missions over and over again.

Other features players can look forward to are the game’s stunning 3D graphics, weather effects, and a day and night cycle. Unlike other games that use a rough economic simulation, Of Ships & Scoundrels has a streamlined economy and resource system. Players get to choose from different ships and cannons, all upgradable, while navigating an intriguing storyline with many twists and turns.

Of Ships & Scoundrels is a matter of the heart to us,” said the creators, “We are not only making a game unlike any before, we want to create a unique experience that has never been made. We combine three gameplay genres in a very special way that creates a new kind of game-flow.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a digital download of the game for €15 (approximately $18 USD), a digital download with an artbook and soundtrack for €20, and more. Backers can also pledge €35 for a physical copy of the game on a specially designed USB stick or €150 for a chance to write your very own quest that will be included in the game!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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