Mindful Meditation Guru Launches Online Journey Into Silence Course

UK-based holistic alternative health & wellbeing website, JourneyIntoSilience.co.uk has introduced a 6 week audio visual experience called “Journey into Silence” designed to help people live a more fulfilled and happy life. Journey into Silence has been developed to help people to answer their calling, increase their wellness and wellbeing; while also encouraging them to live a more contented life that stems from having the right mindset.

Journey into Silence the distance learning, is an online 6 week long course with the creator and instructor Martin J. McHugh. This is an all-inclusive course containing all the necessary materials to teach people life altering mindful meditation techniques to:

  • To Re-Establish the Same Connection to the Absolute Level of Intelligence That Made everyone So Irresistible When they were a Baby.
  • And to Learn How to Use Your “All Knowing – All Powerful Mind” to Give You a Life Free of Sickness and Disease, and Full of Abundance and Prosperity!

Furthermore, learners will be taken through a transformative journey that will help them in awakening the God that resides within them allowing them to create their own beautiful world inside that heals them and fills them with positive energy, regardless of the fast deteriorating world outside. During this journey people will learn how to beat depression through meditation and ancient yet powerful mental exercise.

The creator and founder of The Journey Into Silence experience admits that his techniques have allowed him to retain the Mind of a 35 Years Old, while his body is actually over seventy, yet he is still enjoying a life free of sickness and disease. His mind is as sharp and his memories as vivid as they have always been. “This is only possible because I have trained my mind to stop thinking and reacting all the time, so I have been able to achieve a Silent, Positive, Joyful and Contented mindset,” commented Martin about his “Journey into Silence” way of life. He further added, “Therefore, my body produces Joyful and Contented Cells, which in turn opens the Pharmacy of Medicines within me that other people can’t access mainly due to their conditioned beliefs, opinions and attitudes that result in fears, stress, anger and tensions in their minds and bodies. My constant state of Physical and Mental Well-Being allows me to enjoy a life of Abundance and Prosperity!”

Martin has already successfully shared the experience with many other people around him and is now excited to share the journey and his knowledge with others in the UK and worldwide through his 6 week long course for £120.00 GBP.

About: Journey Into Silence is a UK based health and wellness website sharing the transformative knowledge of Martin J. McHugh, the creator of the Journey into Silence program.

For more information about Journey into Silence go to:  http://www.journeyintosilence.co.uk/

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