Study Finds That Bathroom Renovations Increase Home Value By More Than 10%

The real estate market is not yet what it used to be, so more homeowners are deciding to hold on to their homes until the market improves. Most of them are carrying out major home improvement projects for comfort and to add value to their home.

However, some improvement projects add more value than others. According to House Hunt, homeowners can never go wrong with bathroom renovations or additions as these add thousands of dollars to the home’s value. In a nutshell, the study found that homeowners almost always recoup the costs of money spent to add a new bathroom or improve the appearance of an existing one.

Even if the homeowner has no plans to sell, a clean, modern and bright bathroom is always a plus. For those who plan to sell later on, an up-to-date bathroom will have a positive influence on buyers as they won’t have factor in the cost of updating. Apart from providing lots of storage with country bathroom vanities, homeowners should also consider replacing chipped tiles and adding a fresh coat of paint. Older fixtures should be replaced unless the homeowner finds a way to incorporate it into a rustic themed bathroom. In that case, it’s always best to include antique furniture, copper fixtures, wooden shelving and other rustic bathroom ideas.

Candace Oliver, a staging specialist, agrees that bathroom renovations significantly improve the value of a home. “I’ve been in the business for more than twenty years and I always advise homeowners to invest their dollars on bathroom and kitchen renovations wherever possible. Potential buyers may easily overlook updates in other areas but the bathroom and kitchen must be up to scratch.

While kitchen renovations are costly, depending on the amount of updates, bathroom renovations are quite the opposite. Grey is in right now, so homeowners should investigate grey bathroom ideas and incorporate them into the bathroom’s theme. Pedestal sinks are inexpensive and easy to install. I also advise homeowners to change the toilet seats, replace discolored flooring, reroute the tiles or use prefabricated tubs and shower surrounds for an inexpensive facelift.”

Bathroomist is a unique site that offers numerous bathroom remodeling and renovation ideas for homeowners to enjoy their bathroom sanctuaries and increase the value of their homes. Along with unique decorating ideas, the publishers also include links to unique bathroom finds such as vanities, mirrors, showerheads, sinks, lighting fixtures and much more.

Visit them online to find out how simple additions like country bathroom vanities could increase the value of a home.

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