Core Substrates, LLC Announces Release of New Type of Pizza Liner – Retains Heat and Transfers It Back To The Pizza

New paper-thin pizza liner is bio-based, and represents an advancement in the pizza baking industry.

JUPITER, FLORIDA, October 17, 2014. Pizza’s are at their best when served piping hot. This applies to both Pizza deliveries and restaurant served Pizza. Normally, those energy consuming heat lamps are used to keep Pizzas hot in the restaurants, and cumbersome delivery-packs for home deliveries. Things just became a little easier thanks to a new innovation by Core Substrates, LLC. They have come out with a new breed of Pizza baking liner that is not only paper thin, but is also Eco Friendly. When placed under a hot Pizza, it will absorb the heat, and then transfer it back to the Pizza for 30-35 minutes. This can be a tremendous energy saver, and a very convenient method of keeping a whole Pizza Pie, or even slices, hot until consumed. The liners can be 4-color imprinted with company logos or messages.

Core Substrates has developed a line of biodegradable, stone based products that are produced from renewable resources and are tree-free, silica-free and petroleum-free. The company reports that they are committed to helping companies in various industries to pioneer new environmentally sustainable technologies, products, and processes to reduce their cost structure and improve their productivity frontier. Their products provide an opportunity to further strengthen or initiate a “sustainability campaign”.

During a recent press conference, a company spokesperson said that their brand offers a replacement for most traditional paper and plastic products. This includes envelopes, office stationary, corrugated packaging, merchandising solutions, CPG packaging, folding cartons, eating utensils, magazines, and a whole lot more. These products are Made in America. The most exciting characteristic of Smith Paper and Plastic products is that they are recyclable. With the proper infrastructure, their material can be reclaimed and broken down into its simplest parts and then rebuilt and reused. An important distinction to note is that it will return to the same high quality as it was the first time around.

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