Retired couple focuses on building medical facility in Nicaragua

Vaccinations being administered
Steven and Kerry Brewer are raising funds for a health clinic for the underprivileged people in the mountains of this poverty-stricken nation.

They have tried to help to make life better in their community, donating time and money for a new roof on one of the schools and also supplying notebooks, pencils, backpacks and chalkboards. The most pressing need, however, is a health center that would provide medical and dental care.

The closest hospital to Paso Real is 30 kilometers way. A round trip bus ticket is $2,” said Brewer. “With the average wage here at $4 per day, when a child gets sick, a parent would have to take the child to town and that would cost a full day’s wage. So many times they decide to just wait it out.”

That could add more complications if not treated promptly. There are NGO’s and missionary outreaches that come to Paso Real every so often but we need a full time clinic to attend to the healthcare of the community.

The Brewers would like to build a medical/dental clinic here in Paso Real for the local communities and they absolutely love the idea. It would be for minor medical issues such as snake bites, fevers, broken bones and cuts (the main job for the workers here is machete work, so there are many cuts and some of them are very nasty).

The dental clinic would be for teeth cleaning, cavity fillings and pulling problem teeth. Dental hygiene is often neglected here and this would be an avenue to promote proper hygiene.

The building would be approximately 20’ by 40’ divided into three sections. One half would be for living quarters for the medical team, one quarter for the medical section and the other quarter for the dental section. He has all the tools to build this clinic, cement mixer, block saw, cement tools, tile saw, band saw, table saw, router table and all the hand tools required to complete the project. Funding is the only obstacle in the way.

In order to generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

He feels they can build this project for $50,000.00 and the benefits to the community would be priceless.100% of the monies donated would be put into this project and none going to management of this construction. A little clinic like this may seem like a small deal for most, but for the people here, it is an extremely big deal!

There are a lot of non-profit organization’s around the world that count on donations but many have high overhead costs so only a small portion of your donation goes to the cause, here 100% of your donations for this cause WILL go to the cause.

Donations of any amount are welcome. All contributors will be kept informed about the progress of this humanitarian aid project via e-mail.

“Even if you can’t contribute financially, please help us spread the word to friends, family and colleagues,” said Brewer. “The benefits to the community would be priceless. It’s a small building but would mean a great deal to the people here. And it would represent a big step in improving their quality of life.”

For additional information, visit Brewer can be reached directly at

Martin handing out School Supplies.

Martin handing out School Supplies.

Another dental service, but this little girl got a very cool blue dental chair.

Another dental service, but this little girl got a very cool blue dental chair.


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