Zwitch data manager app to reduce mobile data usage receives good reviews on Google Playstore

Zwitch-data manager is the recently launched mobile application on Google Playstore that allows the user to control their mobile data usage. The app is the updated and rebranded version of the previously launched app called ‘AppSwitch’ and has received good reviews from the users so far. One of the users says in their review, “Perfect solution for saving your data at home and abroad. 5 happy stars”.

Zwitch data manager resolves the problem of running out of data before the end date by reducing its usage at home and during travel. By monitoring the apps that use the most data, it allows the user to temporarily or permanently block data on an app-per-app base in 3 major profiles: home, roaming, and Wi-Fi. It alerts the user before they run out of data completely or get charged of unnecessary over usage fees. Using this app, the user will have the power to limit their app from using unnecessary data which will also reduce battery usage and save money. Due to its functionality, the app was also featured as a platinum nominee at the BEST MOBILE APP Awards and as App of the day by

Zwitch app provides the user the freedom to monitor their data usage and know what apps are using the most data. They can define the countries where roaming charges do not apply to exclude them from roaming profile. This is especially useful for users with roaming flat rates or in the EU where Roaming charges were abolished in 2017. The app also allows the user to get customized usage warnings to avoid overage charges and shut down the background apps that consume a lot of data. It not only helps the user in managing their mobile data but also Wi-Fi data.

The three different profile settings i.e. home, abroad/roaming and Wi-Fir feature different options to save data at home, during traveling and while using Wi-Fi. While traveling, the user can stay online and connected with essential apps like messengers, maps etc. and limit the use of other apps to avoid roaming costs. They can auto start profiles after reboot or activation of the new profile. While a number of other data managers are owned by big data companies that collect user’s data, Zwitch ensures the complete privacy and security of all user data.

In comparison to many other VPN based data managers, the business model of Zwitch is based on a strong freemium model with paid premium features and not on usage data collection as other big data company owned competitors. Recent news show the importance of data privacy – and Zwitch promises to not collect any of the users data for their own purposes.

The developers of Zwitch frequently try to make further improvements in the app. Some of the upcoming features of the app are analyzing trends to alarm the user if their usage might lead to overage fees as well as identifying the main data consumption apps and suggest blocking them. Zwitch data manager app is available for free download at Google Playstore

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