Rising SEO Expert And Founder of iRanKFast, Explains How To Get To Page One In 90-Days Or Less!

For those seeking to work with an SEO expert, trusted and featured on Google, nationwide, read this!

You already know that the number one game of all businesses is who can get their website to rank on the first page of Google for keyword strings that define the exact products and services that one offers in the exact area where it’s available, and evidently stay on page one, despite the dreaded Google algorithm updates.

The second most important thing to have in addition to that. is traffic. You can’t survive as a business owner in today’s social-media-driven – traffic-based – world, unless you have the quality of life that comes from local targeted visitors who want what you offer and are arriving on your website as a result of finding your listing.

Now, you can have that! In fact, in Denver, Northern Colorado, and elsewhere around the world, a somewhat ‘underground’ exists, call it a group of business owners and entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, contractors, realtors and ecommerce entrepreneurs, who are enthusiastically enjoying this phenomenon with their websites. They are getting optimized for “buyer” keywords and ranking for 10, 20, 50+ phrases organically and are driving thousands of monthly visitors to their websites which improves the overall conversion rate of your website.

Typically the traffic that you get from multiple organic placements that bring up your site for keyword strings that promote the intent to buy something, converts into a sale or sales lead at 3% per 100. This means if you get 300 visitors monthly to your website you will get around 9 calls/downloads/emails/submissions/sales etc.

Marshall Adler, an SEO Expert and Founder of iRankFast, a division of Sky High Media, LLC was recently featured on Fox 31 where he was interviewed about his product that helps local businesses get to page one and stay there all year and helps local businesses stay ahead of the competition, drive traffic and make money, even during the ‘slow’ season that you may experience even now.

You can watch this eye-opening TV segment with the SEO expert at: https://goo.gl/f72Wtd

During the show, Mr. Adler is put to the test to see how much of an SEO expert he is and is asked to show the world real rankings of Clients, and this gives you an idea of what type of search engine optimization he does and what you as a business or website owner, can expect to see with the type of Local SEO that is applied.

Mr. Adler had this to say to the TV producers, when asked, how is he able to guarantee placements in 90-days or less and put it in writing in his contracts, ”We focus on giving Google exactly what they want to see from an ‘optimized’ website. The three factors that are needed to be shown are Relevancy, Popularity and Authenticity. We make your website relevant with proprietary Meta Tags, adding and revising content so that it’s quality, original and benefit rich and targeting specific keywords throughout the pages, in various places. Then we get popular trusted websites to link back (Backlink) to your website and it’s through these partnerships and relationships that we’ve nourished over the past decade, that we are able to show Google both popularity and authenticity because we can consistently get these popular sites to link to our Clients, not one, but every day!”

Once Google sees that you are 100% compliant with guidelines and giving these three factors that’s when you suddenly see a change in your organic results and as long as your website is pointing at or “targeting” the right keywords that are entered in by real buyers, you can drive only the people looking to buy what you sell.

At least that’s the claim of this SEO expert, Marshall Adler, the Founder of iRankFast.com

Sky High Media explains that they invented everything they do and even though their clients admit that the methodologies are a bit “old school”, they are still approved by Google, to work despite algorithm updates, because the factors can be conveyed clearly and show 100% compliance with guidelines.

Provided improving organic placements for your website and driving more “buyer” traffic to get more sales, leads and on-site conversions, sounds like an investment you would be open to discussing further, request a demo today and discover how your business stacks up to your competitors, learn the best keywords to use in your site content, and get a better understanding of how your website will flourish and prosper on Google by requesting a free website analysis by video worth $297.

Mr Adler says, “As your SEO expert, I will do a video analysis of your website in real time and give you pointers and tips to get better placements, traffic, trust, merit and social validation. And it’ll give you a chance to see how we ‘work’ for our clients through consultation.”

Your SEO expert can be reached online at https://www.irankfast.com/seo-website-analysis/ where one can request a site analysis or even schedule a demo, or call any time to speak with a specialist at (800) 313-8908

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