KLARM Mould Expands Production Size and Services to be a Good Plastic Injection Molding Company in China

“Precision injection mold for automotive industry”
As an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer, KLARM Mould has invested large amount of money to purchase lots of advanced machines and employ more people to become a good plastic injection molding company in China.

KLARM Mould, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, recently expands its production size and services to serve worldwide customers as a reliable plastic injection molding company in China. What KLARM is going to do is to ensure clients get value for money, because they have the qualities of a good molding company.

KLARM will take measures to ensure there are no molding defects. If there are such defects, it should be the KLARM’s responsibility to fix them, including by making new parts. Some of the most common molding defects are blistering, burn marks/dieseling, color streaks, de-lamination, flash/burrs, embedded contaminates, and flow marks. Others are jetting, weld/knit lines, polymer degradation, sink marks, short shot, splay marks, stringiness, voids, and warping/twisting.

The tolerances should be acceptable. Acceptable industry standards are ±0.10 mm for thermoplastics. Specialized applications need higher tolerance levels. KLARM focuses on high quality standard and precision, but also aesthetic appearance.

KLARM is a company that specializes in plastic injection molding. KLARM has the capacity including the equipment, tools, and manpower to do a good job. KLARM cand offer comprehensive service, meaning it should do everything from designing, optimization, tooling, the actual injection molding, assembly, additional printing, and testing.

Assembly should be done such that there is no risk of parts coming apart even with the application of pressure. Some of the most effective assembly techniques are insert staking, hot-gun gluing, kitting, electrical sub-assembly, and sonic welding. In-house testing is important because it ensures that the parts delivered will work. Some of the most important types of tests are continuity tests, air decay tests, pressure tests, and electrical tests.

To ensure that the plastic injection molding company makes quality parts, KLARM’s quality control system meets ISO 9001 and ISO13485 requirements. KLARM use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and there should be Class 7 clean room manufacturing. There should be automation such as the use of 5 axis robots. Automation is important because it means less human error (and consequently greater quality levels) and lower costs. KLARM is a company that uses Advanced Product Quality Planning, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, Production Planning Approval Process, Corrective Action Preventive Action, Operational Qualification, Installation Qualification, Performance Qualification, and Statistical Process Control in the manufacturing process.

KLARM will offer a variety of plastics so that you pick what best suits you. Other than the traditional low-cost commodity polymers that are used in plastic injection molding like cellulose acetate butyrate, polypropylene, and polyvinyl-chloride you should also be able to choose from advanced polymers like isoplast, polyarylamide, and polyetheretherketone for specialist applications and engineering polymers like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polyethlene terephthalate for high mechanical strength applications.

As a good plastic injection molding company, KLARM has been around for 10 years since this is indicative of its credibility and reliability. KLARM has a history of meeting strict deadlines and the necessary licenses and it use ‘green’ manufacturing methods.

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KLARM Mould is a leading plastic injection mold making and injection molding factory located in Guangzhou, China that offers competitive injection mold making and plastic molding services for worldwide customers. KLARM also provides wide range of manufacturing, product development, precision machining and rapid prototyping services.

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