Eidelman and Associates Offers Quality Support During Trying Times

They Keep You Steady Through Rough Waters

It is something no one sees coming, but a divorce can happen at any time whether it is a long-term or short-term marriage.  This period of stress and grief raises not only several emotional questions but also financial ones as well, which can potentially add more stress to a trying time.  Eidelman and Associates take every aspect of marriage into account, including length, the reason for divorce, and how to protect your financial needs and assets.

They are unique in how they deal with long-term marriages and how those marriages can affect the issues of divorce – such as alimony, child support, and the financial well-being of both parties.  The last point is especially important because a change in a retirement plan or financial resources can meddle with a well laid out plan for the future.

How they Can Help You

The firm is also available to handle the division of assets and debts, helping both ex-spouses determine ways to divide resources and let both parties come out with favorable results.  The courts have several factors to consider when dividing resources, such as the length of the marriage, the health of each spouse, and the earning potential and the state of the household.  Regardless of other aspects, the division of assets can be confusing and often requires an experienced attorney who can help mediate problems and deal with the courts if no agreement can be reached.

Debts are also divided fairly to ensure that both sides are kept free of excessive debt after marriage; each attorney looks at every part of the couple’s finances to ensure that each side knows their financial situation after the divorce and how they can move forward after the divorce is finalized.  They can also help if there is a business involved.  If a spouse is attempting to take control of his or her partner’s business or other parts of the business are being affected by the divorce, Eidelman and Associates are there to help.  The firm can help you figure out the income that is coming in from the business and how it can come up in court, as well as how to maintain control of your business after the divorce process ends.

The company is an ally during the divorce process and can ensure that the stress of the divorce is only focused on emotional healing, not finances.

About the Company:

Eidelman and Associates provide unique and professional insights into the divorce process with many of their attorneys having been divorce lawyers, judges, or masters of the court in the past.  This team almost exclusively handles divorce and family law cases that are both simple and complicated and they strive for results and stability at the end of every marriage.

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