Oceanic Yoga In Goa, India Now Offers Multiple Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

For the last 5000 year old people have been practicing yoga and benefiting from is physical, mental and spiritual benefits, and many have dedicated the time and effort to master the discipline and pass on these benefits to others by becoming a yoga teacher. Oceanic Yoga, the leading yoga and wellness center in Goa, India is assisting people in answering their calling through their various courses of yoga teacher training in Goa.

Oceanic Yoga certified yoga school and retreat offers a scenic, relaxing hideaway in Goa, India, the land of golden beaches, and glistening waves that provide the perfect foreground for an institute and retreat that focuses on reestablishing their guest’s connection with peace, nature and themselves. Managed by a team of courteous and high-skilled management and staff, a stay at Oceanic Yoga is luxurious, reinvigorating and revitalizing as the guest learn yoga from the institute’s certified yoga masters and teachers.

Oceanic Yoga has a variety of different programs among those would like to become a Yoga Master or just be close to breathtaking sea view. Each course features the necessary materials for different needs and at the same time, guests experience the luxury where care is taken to give top class services to make the training seem like a celebration.

Oceanic Yoga offers:

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course,
  • 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course,
  • Yoga Meditation Retreat and
  • Yoga Holiday 

The Oceanic Yoga spokesperson said, “Ever noticed the mysteries of light? How just a small flame can be the most mysterious thing in the world? Yet, the whole of life depends on it. At Oceanic Yoga be believe that this flame is burning in you, which needs continuous oxygen because the flame cannot burn without oxygen. Yoga emphasizes breathing deeply, breathing more and more oxygen so that your life burns deeper and the flame becomes clearer and no smoke arises in you – so that you can attain a smokeless flame.”

The courses are perfect for people who are new to yoga or have some experience in doing yoga but passionate about the discipline.

The advantages of learning yoga are numerous. Firstly, learning Yoga at the prestigious Oceanic Yoga in Goa, India is guaranteed to be a beautiful, once in a lifetime experience of learning, luxury and sanctity. Yoga improves overall wellbeing and body awareness. 


Oceanic Yoga in Goa, India is a yoga school and retreat founded in 2007. Oceanic Yoga has one of the most well-regarded and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training courses in India with graduates teaching all across the globe.

For more information about Oceanic Yoga go to: https://www.oceanicyoga.com/

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