Author Gunther Frantz Celebrates New Book Beware of Friendly Danger at Sir Elton John’s Oscars Party

Los Angeles – April 16, 2018 – Australian Author Günther Frantz proudly celebrated the release of his book at the Celebrity Fast Track event in Los Angeles, California and was an honored guest at the A-List celebrity-studded Oscars viewing party hosted by Sir Elton John and David Furnish.

Günther Frantz’s autobiography

Beware of Friendly Danger: The Story of a Cult of Horror Survivor

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Günther Frantz’s memoir describes the horrific treatment he endured at one man’s hands, and how he found the strength to survive. Let his story help you find a better future.

How does a child end up in a cult? In what reads like fiction, Frantz reveals how Pastor Anthony Scott Williams entrapped thousands of victims into the Pentecostal Church of Christ with his twisted version of religion.

A life of slavery: Frantz reveals how his manipulator instilled the fear of damnation into his flock, leaving them destitute while building their leader’s multi-million-dollar homes. How did one man have such a hold over thousands, stealing their incomes, family time and freedom? Frantz reveals all.

A life of abuse: From age 11, Scott groomed Frantz to be his‘special assistant’. Despite feeling sickened, Frantz was powerless to stop the molesting. Once married and with children, he thought the sexual abuse would end, but it did not.

About the Author:

Günther Frantz is a Public Keynote Speaker, Business and Personal breakthrough coach and Author based in Perth, Western Australia. A trained NLP practitioner and counselor, he helps dozens of clients turn their lives around and achieve greatness where there is only fear and devastation. Follow his incredible story on ABC’s Four Corners (televised initially on July 24, 2014) or read his astonishing autobiography.

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