Technology Firm Announces Popcoin Live Network Launch

Las Vegas, NV – Popcoin LLC a technology company that specializes in online payment systems is delighted to announce the launch of their Popcoin payment platform on the Live Stellar Network.

The ground-breaking and innovative new platform is designed to solve the problem that has caused many app, game and software developers to struggle to monetize their products. By installing the stripe metered billing API, developers will no longer be restricted to the old-fashioned pay once to play forever model, that has stunted the development of games in the past.

Using the new payment platform, developers will now have the capability of charging customers at any time they want during a game or when using an app. Previously with certain phone applications, customers would demand ongoing support and updates, but would not expect to pay for them.

For the developers, this caused significant issues, and there was little incentive to continue to develop a product, once the initial demand for that product died down. Popcoin will provide developers with the option of being able to maximize the potential of their software development, continue to develop and evolve the product, but still have the opportunity to be paid for that development.

Developers can decide how much a person is charged depending on the length of time a person uses an app or specific other defined factors. Let’s say a developer wants to use the system on a newspaper website. The new system could be designed to charge a customer dependent on the time they spend on the site, or the number of articles they read, the possibilities are endless.

“This new system in our opinion is a much fairer way for developers to get paid,” said Lloyd Faulk, of Popcoin LLC. “We are confident that we have come up with a novel system that will benefit both the developer community and their customers. This will help developers to be fairly rewarded for their work, and will support continued development of high quality products.”

Popcoin is a technology and software development company based in Las Vegas Nevada. They have developed a metered billing API platform for busy developers to perform variable usage and micro transactions in web apps, mobile games, and software products.

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