Blockchain Powered Artificial Intelligence Start-up Creates Economic Art Project

Boulder, Colorado – The Singularity Project is an open source technology project to develop the world’s first distributed operating system utilizing network-based cooperative organizations. The social network, formally called the Network of Life, is designed to tell stories, create social projects, and drive impact-oriented economic campaigns. The technology platform will be built by project participants and will grant ownership of intellectual property to individuals participating in the network. “We’re developing the world’s first cooperatively owned social networking site built across existing platforms” says Community Ambassador Todd Youngblood, “It’s a globally distributed computer, engineered and protected by its users.”

Launched in Boulder, Colorado, the Singularity Project and its parent artist community, the Vitae Foundation, is driven by cooperatively funded social campaigns and is powered with game-like missions for public good. Modeled to provide similar social functions as that of public institutions, participants can create, share, and participate in community-oriented social missions and projects, and track them against local community goals.

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Users will be able to participate in a range of activities on the social network, from technology start-ups and social projects to artistic expression and academic research. Hosted on distributed peer-to-peer networks, it is enabled by the use of the blockchain, digital currencies, and distributed ledgers. The social network will be built to award trust-based digital currency tokens to users for their contributions.


“We believe that individuals should receive rewards equal to the true value of the social contributions they make to the community” explains Youngblood. “Tokens will be awarded according to a number of different network measurements. Community participants will see their value accumulate in near real-time. It’s real money, and it doesn’t cost anything to post, comment or vote – it’s designed to be free.”


But Youngblood is also quick to point out that this is by no means a “get rich quick” scheme. Trust and reputation are earned within the network, and that comes with time. “Our mission is to protect and develop the Human Story,” Youngblood concludes. “We want to empower your dreams and create dream teams with a shared vision in open technology. Dream with us.”


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