Dental Horizons, Providing Exceptional Dental Services in Longmont, CO

Local Longmont dentist offers state of the art dental services for families.

Longmont, Colorado – Dental Horizons is committed to making sure that all of their patients end up with a perfect smile after receiving a positive and memorable dental experience in the Boulder/Longmont region. They are aware that a healthy smile contributes to the vitality of the community and can make a difference in someone’s day. These dental professionals and staff are committed to delivering quality dental services, offering comprehensive and predictable procedures to deliver optimal oral health.

Dental Horizons has been doing well, performing their mission and producing happy customers. One such customer is Kathleen Dolce. “I picked Dental Horizons at random to work with my 93-year-old father’s dentures. This is a terrific dental office! Everyone is warm and welcoming and the care is top notch. Never have to wait past the appointment time, everything explained upfront–everything you’d want in dental care.”

Like most dental clinics, this dentist Longmont offers a variety of services to help people maintain their perfect smile. They offer bridges, composite filling, and crowns, all pegged to help any person in search of the right piece for great smiles and teeth alignment. They can also help alleviate pain that most suffer from impacted teeth through extractions. Dr. Kelson and Dr. Beseda have extensive training in performing this procedure after a thorough, initial evaluation. Once needed, they can render simple and as painless as possible extractions when the situation calls for it.

Aside from that, they can also perform dental cleaning to make sure that the gums and teeth of their patients are kept clean and healthy. Gingivitis is a disease that many will come across, something that occurs when gums become inflamed due to excessive buildup of plaque. Prophylaxis is a familiar term associated with cleaning, something that is best done every 3 to 6 months, especially if the person is unable to commit to oral hygiene practice consistently. Dental Horizons is the cosmetic dentist in Longmont, with teeth whitening being another area that they can take care of.

There are plenty of services that Dental Horizons has to offer to help anyone in need of proper dental care. They are located at 600 S Airport Rd, Longmont, CO 80503.

Appointments and queries can be coursed via phone at 303-835-0985 or through email at

To learn more about what Dental Horizons can offer, a comprehensive list of their services can be found via their official website at

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