ONET initiates an evolution of financial transactions with the launch of ICO

Recently there has been quite a buzz in the cryptocurrency market about the flaws that people are finding in the new technology that has everyone talking and discussing about around the globe. Cryptocurrnency and the blockchain are evolutionary technologies that have the capability to change the shape of the world for betterment. The skepticism for cryptocurrencies has emerged because of a lot of ICO’s that have come up with hollow promises. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the market that claim to be something that they are not this where the discrepancies and doubt seep into a system. A system that has capability to re structure the way people transact and trade.

But there are cryptocurrencies that have a proper backing and platform to sustain and help people grow with the use of a stable cryptocurrency. We pin pointed such one cryptocurrency that is making some positive steps towards the proper and the actual usage of cryptocurrencies. ONET coin is one such cryptocurrency that believes in its values and ethical work structure and believes that the venture will grow even bigger if the coin creates a loyal backing community that also benefits from the ONET coin.

ONET has shown some great progress since its incorporation in 2017. This is because ONET has the capability of understanding specific markets. ONET coin believes in providing its customers a stable platform to function on. As we see ONET will not just be a leading cryptocurrency but also act as an agent that shall bring stability to the rapidly fluctuating markets.

The next piece of update that is floating in the market is the ONET coin being listed on the Hikenex Exchange and trading platform. This is another step forward for both ONET and the Hikenex Exchange as ONET shall provide a higher volume of trading on the exchange platform cause of its community and stability. In turn ONET being listed on Hikenex provides ONET yet another stable partner to conduct ethical and fair trading with minimum downtime and faster transactions. This news of the collaboration has come as a breath of fresh air in the market that is facing some strong resistance from governments and federal agencies around the world.




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