Prep2Go proudly announces their exceptional product line of cool camping gear, hiking and hunting survival tools.  Their products include emergency survival equipment and accessories and cool gadgets for men, women and kids. Their flag ship survival grenade offers some security in the wild to hikers, backpackers and hunters and those who spend time in the wilderness or even those preparing for hurricanes, tornados and others disasters.

With their every day carry line of products, it is comforting to know that your family will be equipped for survival in the event of an emergency while enjoying the woods or while on a day trip or travel vacation. Customers who have particularly found the kit helpful are the outdoorsman, boy scouts, backpackers, campers, climbers, urban survivalists and those into boating and turkey hunting gear.  Even active service USMC military and retired veterans use the products.

Customers love their survival gear so much that their predominantly 5 star online reviews say that they are awesome and ingenious gadgets because they contain basic tools that anyone would need to make fire, food and shelter.  Many have commented feeling more prepared knowing that they have Prep2Go devices in their car, bike, truck camper ATV.  Others carry the paracord survival grenade kit every day or keep the first aid survival tin pod close by, in case of a “what if” scenario.  The amazing little survival tools often include a fire starter, parachute cord to make a shelter or a fishing kit or wire to catch food-Items that would help keep you alive another day. You can check out their paracord keychain here.

The Owner Reveals His Story…

“…back in 2004 when I moved from Michigan to Florida with my family for relief from the bad Northern weather, but to our surprise within months of arrival, two hurricanes walloped our Port St Lucie home.  After evacuation, we were awe stuck by the devastated neighborhoods. Fortunately, our house survived but many others, including our neighbors, weren’t as fortunate.  My wife and I prayerfully decided to volunteer as non-FEMA cert team first responders and braved Cat 3-120 mph winds brewing off the coast…”

“…In the aftermath of the storms, we spent the next year doing hurricane disaster relief work, volunteering our time for free but at great cost to ourselves since our own income was drastically reduced.  During that period we could have easily made a lot of money getting paid to repair roofs and remove debris…”

“…Instead we chose to help our neighbors rebuild their lives one roof at a time. Out of the emergency grew a vigilant drive for my families’ safety to prep for future storms. So began my search for premium products especially for go bag supplies…and so my paracord survival grenade and first aid pod would eventually be born,” said the owner of Prep2go, Tim, while talking about the kit.

He adds “…Very soon, other cool everyday carry gadgets or EDC will follow. Quality gift ideas and safety hacks to help anyone with 72 hour and bug out bags, so-called doomsday prepper supplies so you’re stocked and fully prepared when disasters hit,” he added.

More About The Products

The kits are uniquely engineered and tested and make you better prepared for an emergency. They are rugged and durable and the paracord they employ is typically strong enough to lift two men out of a ditch.  Their gear in many cases easily attaches to belt loop, vest, backpack, go bag bug out bag.

Being designed for everyday carry EDC use their survival kits make great outdoorsman gifts.  They will often employ multi-tool functionality to have ready for your next camping, backwoods trekking or hunting adventure. You are invited to check their store and YouTube channel for more information on Prep2Go Survival’s cool camping gadgets and innovative prepping gear and accessories.  With thousands of happy customers and a seller rating of 4.9 stars on Amazon their products come highly recommended.

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