vSport was unveiled on 2018 Singapore Blockchain Seminar as the star project

On April 14th, vSport chain was unveiled on Baicheng Zhilian 2018 Singapore blockchain seminar, which elaborated on the practice and significance of the token economy in sports industry and was highly recognized by the participants. At the seminar, the vice chairman of the Fintech Association expressed the trend of the blockchain in Singapore in 2018. 2017 is the year of the blockchain technology groundbreaking. In 2018, it will be a year which will achieve large-scale commercial use.

With broad application scenario and imaginative commercial-use prospects, blochchain projects have absorbed VCs’ attention for projects layout. As the fundamental technology, blockchain will be widely used across financial, supply chain, culture and entertainment, intelligent manufacturing and other scenarios, serving for physical entity will be the future of blockchain.

It is well-known that the competitiveness lies on technology + industry experience. It is not only technology but more importantly the ability to develop more potential use cases and applications. So it requires a profound understanding and the knowledge of a certain industry. The vSport chain’s strategic partners have been deeply working in the sports field for many years and has top industry resources and rich experience for commercial use. These prompted vSport chain to become the star project of this blockchain seminar in Singapore.

The design of the tokenized economy of vSport chain is planned to change the challenges of the world’s sports industry and serve for sports industry. For example, if clubs are issued token, some of their assets could be put on vSport chain, and club fans will be able to obtain relevant rights after purchasing the token. Between fans and clubs, the token would be quickly circulated. At this point, vSport is cooperate with the clubs around the world, and invite as many clubs on vSport chain as possible, and delivering them tokens.

With tokenized economy, vSport chain will benefit all participants or institutions to build a benign sports ecosystem. Serving the sports industry, this approach is vital and necessary. Due to the prospective value of vSport chain, there have been various organizations working with us. The largest football social media company in Netherlands, which has nearly 30 million football fans, has become partner with vSport. The Belgian Football Association expressed their intention to cooperate with us based on World Cup matches and youth training.

The World Cup franchise product manufacturer/distributor Ford Hangzhou Group has officially joined vSport and reached a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides integrate their platforms and advantageous resources to explore sales and promotion of sports ecosystem based on 2018 Russia World Cup project as a pilot. This signifies that vSport project has officially realize commercial use.

At present, vSport is creating a community generated ecosystem for all participants, federations, teams, athletes, fans, agents and etc. Until now, it shall be the only one sport blockchain for commercial use with a largest-scale of users.

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