Surviving the Retail Jungle: A Path Out of the “Amazon”

Stankevicius MGM (Finland), one of the most respected media companies in the world, announces Jamil Hasan ( as its Director of Business Development – North America. 

Jamil Hasan announces business partnerships with Chain Ninja, a leading Blockchain Development firm (Edison, NJ), whose leadership has been building Blockchain technologies for close to 5 years; and Bonko TV Media Group Inc. (Long Island, NY), a top television media partner that creates television shows for about 40 million homes.

CEO Paulius Stankevicius and Hasan, both with significant global Blockchain industry experience, have joined forces to solve a major problem facing retail companies in the consumer goods sector. 

According to Deloitte’s 2018 Consumer Product Industry Outlook, successful futures for retailers must include globalization, innovation, digitalization and mergers, and acquisitions. 

But how?

So far, over the past few years, these activities have been occurring either far too slowly or not at all. As companies such as Toys-R-Us have been unable to differentiate themselves from industry automation leaders like Amazon, they have been going out of business – no longer able to compete. A Kiplinger Report from November 2017 lists 32 companies that Amazon threatens to inevitably put out of business in the near future. 

But that doesn’t have to happen. Retailers don’t need to buy into the “resignation death knell mindset”.

Stankevicius MGM and Hasan offer a complete consulting solution aligned perfectly to Deloitte’s report to not only “stop the bleeding” but also to create winning, competitive market positioning for their clients.

With personal business relationships in over 100 countries, Hasan and Stankevicius MGM are uniquely positioned to offer full global press releases, global public relations campaigns, and global community development strategies that help any retailer achieve a competitive global market presence.

In addition, Hasan is a team member of Asset Token (, a finance technology company that has pioneered and perfected an invention that dramatically helps retailers. Asset Token’s innovative platform allows companies to issue digital credit card rewards point digital tokens directly to their customers. As more companies adopt Asset Token, they will see their token value increase, reclaim market share, and grow their customer loyalty base.

Digital assets like Asset Token mostly refer to Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The technology that drives digital assets is Blockchain technology. For retailers, Blockchain technology can be used to store valuable information and create tremendous improvements in their Big Data analysis and supply chain processes. Chain Ninja is a top experienced Blockchain development team in the world. And Hasan wrote the best selling book Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance. Both are innovative thought leaders and Hasan is tech-savvy in his own right.

Mergers and acquisitions are also very important. Hasan has forged a partnership with PMI Advisors (, a consulting firm focused on helping companies succeed after a merger announcement. The PMI team is very experienced while Hasan is a Certified Merger and Acquisitions Advisor since 2010.

Stankevicius MGM and Hasan look to expand partnerships in North America and help retailers survive the “Amazon”.

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