DATx Open Source and Token Lock-up Plan Announcement

Github Open Source

The DATx project has received extensive attention from public markets and various industries since the pre-token distribution. At present, there are already a number of cooperation partners made cooperation plans with DATx.

The support of investors and partners has also spurred us to continue the advanced research and development of the DATx project. Up to now, the project landing plan for DATx has basically taken shape and it has already entered the actual stage of research and development.

From April 13th, the DATx R&D team has gradually developed parts of the open source codes on Github. With the evolvement of R&D, we will gradually release core codes. The DATx team firmly believes that the blockchain technology development is inseparable from the community co-building. The coding open source will not only help the community to better understand our project, but also promote the sustainable development of the DATx project in a long term.

Github open source address is as follows:


Token Lock-up Plan

Based on the development of the project and the confidence of the community, the DATx project will lock up 3.5 billion DATx (35% of the original issued volume). Until the DATx main network is formally launched, this part of DATx will not be released into the market. Meanwhile, since DATx adopts the DPOS consensus mechanism, in order to allow more non-project super nodes to join, the voting rights of this part (35% of the total DATx Token issued) before the first node election will not be carried out either. After the main public chain goes online, this part of DATx will be ready to circulate, more conducive to both ecosystem development and market value.

Lock-up plan: the 3.5 billion DATx Token will be locked up in the custody of the world’s leading digital assets exchange – Huobi. The wallet address is as follows:


DATx believes that these two methods can better protect the interests of token holders and encourage us to continue to invest in research and development.

It is expected that DATx’s mainnet will be officially launched by Q3 2019. During this period, the DATx project will always prioritize the interests of the community, and continue to innovate, and realize the magnificent vision of DATx as soon as possible.

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